UK tea lovers drink 165 million cups of tea per day! But what is the best value for money?? Watch now...

How many people start their day with a Teh Tarik in Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka or Singapore?

What is Teh Tarik and why should we try it? Well its basically a hot, aerated version of milky tea with a lot of sugar! The pour adds the bubbles and basically is where the word Tarik (or pull) comes from, by pouring from vessel to vessel the sugar, tea and milk blends together for a perfect bubbly yummy start to the day. 

Its not the healthiest start but it gets nations going from India to Malaysia its a hot favourite, and is known as Malaysia's National drink.

The great thing about Teh Tarik is thats its cheap and thats exactly what the UK Worth it guys are testing in London - What do you get for your money and which is the best taste????

Watch the video and lets us know what your hot favourite is locally and around the world...

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