Bikini 21 - 1kg and 8cm down!

Bikini 21 - 1kg and 8cm down!

So we are just over one week in to the Bikini 21! I weighed myself at the start and was hoping that one week in, I might see some movement on the scales. Well, here it is – 1kg down! For the first time ever, I have thoroughly enjoyed losing 1kg. It hasn’t felt like a chore, but more of an opportunity, a learning experience and a fascinating foray in to what I put in to my body, when, and why. The health benefits are clear.

The diet it so simple and easy to use that it’s almost impossible to get it wrong by accident. The concepts are simple as are the applications of tea to certain times of day. I even had time to read a bit online about the main building blocks of my last 9 days.

You probably already know that consuming protein is akin to feeding your brain. But did you know it also helps to improve your mood and helps you sleep better? I can genuinely say I have been in a FAR better mood this week, particularly in the morning when I wake up. And that is because, yes, I slept much better. So when my son jumped in to our bed at 5am two mornings in a row, I didn’t turf him out, but actually enjoyed being woken up by the little human alarm clock. This is definitely a first.

I have to admit that the weekend was not easy. A trip out of town, a restaurant with limited options and a total shift in routine. Lucky then that I had packed my tea and knew I could rely on total taste, quality and reliability in what I was consuming. I managed the 24-hour fast on day 8, and really it didn’t feel like much of a chore as I totally devoured some Tea Bird Firecracker tea, (and dabbled in some) Oolong and Liver Detox.

Tea bird Tea Alkalizing

My good friend who also started on this journey at the same time also looked apprehensive when we got to WEIGH IN/MEASURE IN yesterday. She has lost 8cm from hips, chest and stomach. In one week! That is impressive. So her clothes are fitting better now, she has more energy every day and she is boosted in the knowledge that only one week has led to a significant change in energy levels.

 So what is next? We are now in to Phase 3, in which we kick off a ‘fat fast’ – I am vegetarian so I will be heading for the eggs, nuts, avocadoes and other beautiful ‘healthy fat’ foods! Will report back soon.

Does anyone have any great ‘healthy fat’ recipes they can share? Always keen on a recommendation J

Happy health!


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