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Tea Bird Tea

Frankitas X TBT

We began in Australia with grow in the bag herbs & vegetables, pretty soon customers where asking us if they could grow their own tea...

So this got us thinking...we picked the parts of the body we wanted to target, we picked the raw ingredients, we spent months sampling the right teas, we hustled in the markets & we put our first packs of Tea Bird Tea on the supermarket shelf in September 2015 and we haven't looked back since.Tea Bird Tea is an organic tea brand that started about 5 years ago in the jungles of Malaysia. We wanted to take an everyday product and make it better. Make the health benefits better, make the packaging better & make it easier to make healthy choices everyday. Tea Bird Tea is thinking of you Morning, Noon & Night.

How do we do what we do? Follow us on @teabirdteaorganic on insta or #teabirdtea when you are enjoying your favourite blends!

Tea Bird Tea Morning Noon Night


Ashleigh Cotterill