Tea Bird Tea thinking of you morning, noon and night. Tea blends tailored to your morning, noon and night needs, packaging tailored to our planets refill, reuse and repurpose needs. We aim to run a sustainable business supporting other enterprises, we love to come up with ideas for reusable  packaging & business practises - our tins are reusable & you can purchase refill packs online.
Teabags - Our teabags are compostable, organic and made from cornstarch. This means there is no toxic glue seeping into your tea when you brew it. No Tags, string or staples either. Telephone / Whatsapp (60) 111 633 6701 Store Purchase Monday -Sunday 10am - 10pm Office Collection Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
Enchanted Jungle Print Ashleigh Cotterill

Enchanted jungle

Welcome to our new enchanted jungle range coming soon to stores and online.