Tea Bird Tea Fun Facts

1. 1977 is the founders birth year

2. We have developed the logo 16 times to get to the quirky teacup & bird.

3. The flamingos came from a photoshoot I painted on our house!

4. Miss Malaysia, Deborah Henry was our launch ambassador in Malaysia.

5. We donated over 25,000 MYR to Fugee School through loose leaf product sales alone.

6. We started as a loose leaf tea company.

7. Did you know our teas have been created based on a Morning, Noon and Night concept?

8. Tea Bird Tea is thinking of you Morning, Noon & Night.

9. We use over 75 ingredients in our blends.

10. We have 12 original Tea Birds

11. All illustrations have been hand drawn by the founder.

12. The founder is from Ireland.

13. We started selling grow in the bag herbs in Bondi & Gold Coast Markets in Australia.

14. All the hipsters kept asking to grow their own tea with no pesticides or chemicals.

15. So from a gardening company we created a tea company.

16. We first launched in Malaysia in Bangsar Village Grocer store

17. The grow in the bag herbs went bananas and sold 85 packs in their first month.

18. The loose leaf tea sold 25 packs in their first month.

19. Did you know that Coca Cola only sold 25 bottles in its first year!

20. Facebook = 13,000 followers

21. Instagram = 78,900 followers

22. 27.77% of our social network referrals come from Instagram and then those lovely customers tell their lovely friends.

23. We recently started Tik Tok for them young uns.

24. Our favourite colour is pink.

25. Christmas is out favourite time of year!