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Tea Bird Tea Sponsoring Cassandra J Poyong Blue Belt match Promo Code: Beast Mode On

Tea Bird Tea

Posted on February 26 2018

Tea Bird Tea is sponsoring Cassandra J Poyong in her 1st Blue Belt Jujitsu match in Singapore next month - stay tuned to find out health tips from a real athlete before and after her fight...

Tea Bird Tea Sponsoring Cassandra J Poyong Blue Belt match Promo Code: BeastModeOn to receive 20% off all orders on www.teabirdtea.com

Tea Bird Tea is sponsoring Cassandra for her first Blue Belt fight in Singapore which is coming up in March 2018. We will be sharing some info on how she prepares for her fights and how drinking Tea Bird Tea helps to keep her calm and focused coming up to her fights. Cassandra is giving you 20% off your purchase on Tea Bird Tea just go online at www.teabirdtea.com and use the Promo Code: Beast Mode On to receive your 20% discount at the check out!


Cassandra has been working for Tea Bird Tea since last October and she is passionate about her jujitsu - we have been to see her fight and are so proud she has made blue belt in her last competition because we know how much it means to her.

She is focussed, competitive, always full of ideas and never takes no for an answer which is what we LOVE most about her. We love working with Cas and are excited too up port her on her jujitsu journey - we are even learning about how to discipline ourselves when it comes saying no to that extra chocolate biscuit or a flat no to that tub of ice-cream ;0) !!


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