Tea Bird Tea Internship Program

If you would like to join the Tea Bird Tea team send us your CV to info@balconybloomer.com.au - we are offering both part time and full time internships with experience available in all areas of the business.

Tea Bird Tea is beginning an internship program offering both full and part time positions based at Tea Bird Tea House at 83 Jalan Telawi, Bangsar.

Internship areas

  1. Sales  - working across supermarket, internet, business development and cafe/restaurant channel
  2. Account Management  - supermarket, cafe and corporate                                           Event Organisation - Malls, Supermarket and trade shows                      
  3. Marketing  - Social, blogging, PR, competitions, vlogging and promotions         
  4. Inventory Management  - stock management, ordering, packaging           
  5. Finance - accounts, ROI and daily revenue growth strategy
  6. Promotional - setting up and running Tea Bird House Free Flow Fridays

Listen, learn and be part of the Tea Bird team while we grow we can help you to grow - email your CV to info@balconybloomer.com.au

NB: Just checking you are reading - anyone who sends us a video CV of why they think they would be a great intern at Tea Bird Tea House will be prioritised ;0)          

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