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Tea Bird Tea

Posted on December 08 2017

The first time I went to Fittie Sense was to deliver some teas to them. I met with the co-owner, Victor Yap. Cool guy, he had a Star Wars teacup which was given to him by his friends when they were visiting Japan.

Tea Bird Tea review of Fittie Sense

It was a well thought out airy space where you can just unwind or to simply get some work done.

Tea Bird Tea Review of Fittie Sense

Second time was on a Friday, the day before my COPA 7 competition (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu). I needed to eat, but I needed something healthy which could power me through my night and give me energy the next morning.

Sitting down, menu in hand, my eyes wandered to find if they had any salads. Found it! The second option appealed to me, it was the Grilled Chicken Breast, Mushroom Pumpkin Salad with Yogurt Parmesan Dressing (RM22)

Tea Bird Tea Review of Fittie Sense

The chicken was poached and as such was the blank canvas for the sauteed mushroom and yogurt cheese dressing. It was good, the cheese was not over bearing, pumpkin gave it natural sweetness and depth. Just the right amount of sauce to salad ratio.

 Overall, my first eating experience was pleasant. We even saw Linora Low (Mix FM announcer) eating with her friends there. I know she was preparing for her Bikini Competition that time.

The second time I was there I ordered the same dish, instead of poaching the chicken they browned the chicken, which made it more flavorful. It’s exciting to think that you can talk to someone and tweak your food according to your preference.

Then in December, I made a point to eat chicken for every lunch(I train everyday so it’s okay for me to eat meat every day). Surveyed Bangsar area and found Fittie Sense to be the ideal place where I could get my daily protein fix.

My next order was the Cajun Pan-Seared Chicken Chop, Tomato, Crushed Avacado & Spinash with Millet Quinoa Pilaf (RM28)

Tea Bird Tea Review of Fittie Sense

Improved my picture taking skills (I couldn’t resist, it was so beautiful!). This had tons of flavor, chicken was marinated and a little bit spicy (can you see the chili flakes), avocado was super creamy, and the splash of lime just lifts the dish! I was pleasantly surprised to find some grit in my salad which meant that the greens were indeed organically sourced.

Tea Bird Tea Review of Fittie Sense

The Gut Bar is where they make drink concoctions that is good for your gut (quite a self-explanatory name). Did you know, Tea Bird Teas are available here. These are naturally sweet organic loose-leaf teas blended by a nutritionist to target specific parts of the body. If you want something like that, be sure to head to Fittie Sense to get your tea fix.

I plan to go again next week to try out their other dishes, maybe fish ones. Check out their menu.

Tea Bird Tea Review of Fittie Sense

Tea Bird Tea Review of Fittie Sense

The menu pretty much tells you what you’re actually getting on your plate which is awesome!

They have Daily Specials as well.

Tea Bird Tea Review of Fittie SenseTea Bird Tea Review of Fittie Sense

At the end of my meal, I had a piece of their Grain Free Carrot Beetroot Cake which was cinnamonny, gluten free and guilt free! Check out their menu, they have other desserts as well.

My personal experience there was great! If you plan on checking out the place, I know you’ll get the same wonderful experience too!

To get to know more about Fittie Sense, follow them on Instagram at my_fittiesense or myfittiesense on Facebook



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