Buy any of our tea blends from our online store, send us the order number through our Facebook messenger. (Make sure to enter the name and the address of the intended recipient).

Enter the message you want us to send to your friend, in the Facebook messenger.

Here is the fun part, tag us at @teabirdteaorganic with #buyablendforafriend.

We will reach out to your for 2 FREE refills.

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Here are some cools stuff about the promo:

1) You can split the delivery,let say you buy 4 tins and would like to send 2 to yourself and the other 2 to your friend. We cover the shipping for your friend

2) Send customized hand written notes

3) Reach out to us directly via messenger by clicking this link:https://m.me/teabirdteaorganic

4) You can also redeem a concurrent promotion for Buy 3 FREE 1 by using this promocode: BUY3FREEONE