Tea Bird Tea

brand origin
Our teas are loose leaf organic teas from Australia and there is a bit of story and a lot of travelling as to how we got to be here in Malaysia.
Ashleigh Cotteril MD of Tea Bird Tea and Balcony Bloomer says;
"It always starts with a bit of a dream. I wanted to figure out how I could offer something different in a market place which is ultimately saturated with products all trying to grab customers attention. But there was always 3 essential requirements that I wanted the tea to have;
  1. Unique taste – Organic teas with actual health benefits that say what they do on the tin – reusable, snap lock shut packaging, with each label clearly stating the caffeine rating and the key health benefit on the pack sealer. My favorite thing about these teas is that you easily travel with them and snap lock shut the bags and take one of our handy tea infusers so you don’t have to compromise on taste when you are away from home.
  2. Creativity – Tea Bird was originally a painting I did in Australia, I love creating interesting packaging and everything you see today is not from a team of designers or marketing experts its all from us and its about us creating a product that we know customers will love.
  3. Integral to the local community – as a small business I wanted to approach how we integrate into the local community with care and sustainability. We work with OKU Network who do our packaging in Malaysia and now Fugee School who we help to support monthly. We have great pride in being able to offer this and it continues to inspire and motivate me to make CSR a core part of Tea bird Tea.
  4. Customers – Just as I was inspired and motivated to create Tea Bird Tea  I genuinely want to inspire customers to make better health choices, more socially conscience purchases and share their positive stories."

If you would like to work with us or know more about our Tea Bird Tea blends we are open 24/7. You can whatsapp us on +601116336701 or mail us on info@balconybloomer.com.au