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We like to share as much info as we have available to us with you - we are completely transparent with that because our teas have been built for your better health. So this page may look a little bit funny but here's how to use it!

These are keywords we like to research to find out more about the health issues that we experience and want to support with our teas. 
Each of these will have some related content over the next few weeks and should be helpful - if you have a specific issue then stick it in the search bar up there and an article should pop up.
If we don't have anything right now let us know and we can pull it together for you along with the corresponding teas and why they can help.
  1. Rooibos -  We use it around lunchtime for our naturally sweet treat. 
  2. Intermittent fasting What is intermittent fasting and does it work?
  3. Sweet sweet sugar...Malaysians are eating 26 teaspoons of sugar a day!
  4. 21 Days to make a habit - 21 days to make some good habits
  5. 10 Day TBT Healthy alkalising diet plan - 10 days reduce bloating, ease digestion and increase energy
  6. Coffee substitute -Dandelion Root Tea
  7. What helps constipation Colon cleanse and Hibiscus Tea bird Tea stops constipation.
  8. Healthy diet time for a change - Ashleigh Cotterill week 1 - 5 reasons why I made the change
  9. Healthy diet time for a change Week 2 - Ashleigh Cotterill, Tea Bird Tea - Week 2 Complete Weight 78.5 kilos, lost 0.5 kilos - TBT123
  10. Natural remedies for constipation - 3 top teas for constipation available here Hibiscus moves constipation fast, Colon Cleanse is a gentle daily cleanse thats helps to manage IBS symptoms, Frankincense helps a myriad of symptoms but is also known to clean out your system and stop constipation.                         
  11. Essential and Non Essential needs - What our body needs morning, noon and night...     
  12. Top weight loss teas -

    6 teas to aid weight loss and general health - Watch the video...                                                                                                    

  13. what is turmeric
  14. turmeric, plant
  15. turmeric side effects
  16. health benefits of turmeric
  17. turmeric root
  18. turmeric curcumin
  19. effects of turmeric
  20. turmeric for inflammation
  21. turmeric for arthritis
  22. benefits of turmeric water
  23. turmeric supplement
  24. curcumin powder
  25. curcumin health benefits
  26. turmeric powder uses
  27. colon cancer
  28. colon cancer symptoms
  29. colonic
  30. colon punctuation
  31. colon use
  32. what is a colon
  33. liver cleanse
  34. colon hydrotherapy
  35. colonic irrigation
  36. best tea for weight loss
  37. teapots
  38. how to fast
  39. benefits of fasting
  40. what is fasting
  41. eating fast
  42. fasting for a day
  43. intermittent fasting schedule
  44. intermittent diet
  45. fasting for a week
  46. is fasting healthy
  47. fasting rules
  48. 2 day fast
  49. if diet
  50. bikini body diet
  51. 3 weeks to bikini body
  52. flatulence
  53. constipation relief
  54. constipation treatment
  55. bowel movement
  56. constipation
  57. what is constipation
  58. constipation cure
  59. home remedies for constipation
  60. foods for constipation
  61. what causes constipation
  62. constipation pain
  63. constipation symptoms
  64. severe constipation
  65. crohn's disease
  66. diabetes

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21 DAYS TO MAKE A HABIT - good or bad!

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Lose 4 inches and 5kg in 3 weeks


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