Our Story

Ashleigh Cotterill Founder Tea Bird Tea, Artist & Entrepreneur
Ashleigh Cotterill is the founder, designer, artist, creative brain, managing director - she doesn't mind what you call her as long as you keep smiling & don't sweat the small stuff. She loves travelling, freckles, family & mostly wants to look like a salty sea dog with a million stories to tell you when she grows old. 
"We began in Australia with grow in the bag herbs & vegetables, pretty soon customers where asking us if they could grow their own tea..."
So this got us thinking...we picked the parts of the body we wanted to target, we picked the raw ingredients, we spent months sampling the right teas, we hustled in the markets & we put our first packs of Tea Bird Tea on the supermarket shelf in September 2015 right here in Malaysia and we haven't looked back since.
Tea Bird Tea is an organic tea brand with different teas for morning, noon and night. Can you spot the morning, noon night in our logo? The eyelid is the Morning, the moon shaped cheek is Night and of course the clock signifies Noon!
We started about 8 years ago in Malaysia. We wanted to take an everyday product and make it better. Make the health benefits better, make the packaging better & making it easier to make healthy choices everyday.
Tea Bird Tea is thinking of you Morning, Noon & Night.
"Our tea's follow a digestion, cleanse & energise focus using both caffeine free blends and caffeine blends so we really do have you covered."

Even our teabags are better - we made the switch from lose leaf to organic corn starch teabags in 2016 and we purposely removed the tags, strings, staples and toxins so we knew we where giving you the best product, highest quality and greatest taste available for your daily cup of tea.

Its founder, Northern Ireland-born Ashleigh Cotterill says

“Tea Bird Tea has a range of beverages that target day to day needs Morning, Noon & Night.   Tea has been used as a natural daily beverage for 100’s of years, using only the natural health benefits of the available ingredients relevant to each country throughout history.

Our Tea Bird Tea range will compliment your daily vibe throughout the day supporting digestion in the morning, energising in the afternoon & restful sleep at night. ”

Tea Bird Tea prides itself on its handpicked teas, organically grown on the sunny slopes of India, Sri Lanka, China and Malaysia.

Living close to our source countries allows us understand the supply chain thoroughly and develop the freshest flavours to integrate into our blends.

Registered Office UK                                Registered Office Malaysia

Tea Bird Tea Ltd.                                        Balcony Bloomer SDN BHD

71-75 Shelton Street                                  17 Jalan Pelepas
Covent Garden                                           4/7 Taman Perindustrian
London                                                        Tanjung Pelepas, Gelang Patah
WC2H 9JQ                                                  81550 Johor

Want to know more drop us a note via Whatsapp 24 hrs a day from anywhere in the world and we will get right back to you (60) 1116336701  or for the UK orders and info check us out here https://www.teabirdtea.co.uk/ 

Local Distributors & International Distributors Welcome.