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 In-house beverage

A delicious range of organic tea blends created to serve your customers with hot and chilled tea beverages throughout the day.  Traditional tea blends - Earl Grey & Bergamot, Earl Grey Orange, Green tea, Hibiscus tea,  Cool Mint, Vanilla Chai. Tisanes & Health -  lemongrass & ginger, Ginger Snap, Turmeric & Alkalising, Berry blush,    Vanilla rooibos, Digestive health formally known as Colon Cleanse. Dual use - Cool mint, Hibiscus, Earl Grey & Orange, Berry Blush & vanilla Rooibos.
Pack Sizes Available 
Teabags come in 10, 18, 32, 100, 200 organic cornstarch, biodegradable, heat pressed teabags, tag free, staple free, zero toxin teabags. We don't pack our teabags into sachets as we want all of our packaging to be refillable and reuse-able, we recommend a set of display tins which are used to promote the take home purchase and a set of either 100 or 200 teabag packs to refill your display tins with.  We aim to use as little plastic packaging as possible across our range other than our zip lock packs and we hope you support our reusable/ refillable efforts too. #refill #reuse 
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    Tea Bird Tea restaurant affiliate scheme
      Take Home Retail & Pop-Ups
      Optimise your sales with our range of take home FMCG tea blends, porcelain tea-ware and accessories - wholesale rates available with low MOQ's. Tea Bird tea runs a lively event support option through tea sampling pop ups and our Tea Bird Tea After dark concept with our calorie free mixer recipes to meet your customers needs throughout the day.
      1. 10, 18, 32, 100 & 200 organic cornstarch pack sizes, heat pressed teabags, tag free, staple free, zero toxin teabags
      2. Porcelain designer tea-ware designed by Ashleigh Cotterill
      3. Tea set accessories & corporate gifting options
      Affiliate Program retail take home
      Tea Bird Tea can design any space you have available to create an additional revenue stream to your business. Counter top POS units, built in shelving units, teacup feature stands we can design and produce as part of your franchise integration.  Have a chat with one of our commercial specialists to find out more about what Tea Bird Tea can offer your customers.  Call us +60 111 633 6701 or email today and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

      Tea Bird Tea concept designs for franchisees