The Purpose Effect

The Purpose Effect X Tea Bird Tea Sustainable Partnership
The Purpose Effect X Tea Bird Tea
Introducing a new sustainable partnership focusing on how we can integrate and share important content to help you become part of some key conversations we know has an effect on your everyday lives. Reuse, Refill, Repurpose is the ethos we try to incorporate into our supply chain and end products on a daily basis. Supporting education for refugees has been a key purpose for us since we launched in 2015 and now the natural progression working with social enterprise Fugeelah to create products was the organic development of one sustainable partnership into another. This is our purpose - whats yours? 
Why did we want to get involved?
Tea Bird Tea is passionate about change and sustainable business and how our entire supply chain management should be creating positive impacts and change for our customers, our pureness of product and the people involved in the business process are all essential to the end product we produce. Ensuring we are doing the right thing from start to finish ensures you can sip our tea with confidence while creating daily positive impact action by action. We love how Elena is asking questions with purpose, creating a positive platform for businesses to promote their purpose and is actively opening important discusses everyday. Join her podcast listeners and be part of the conversation with your friends and colleagues. 
An Important Message 
What would the world look like if all businesses were founded on 'Purpose' and built for 'Good'?  In The Purpose Effect, host Elena Kersey talks to women building social and environmental impact businesses about the problems they are solving and the lessons they've learned along the way.  If you believe in the power of business to solve the world's biggest problems; then this is the podcast for you.
A New Season
This season, in a special partnership with Tea Bird Tea, you'll be hearing from changemakers tackling issues like climate change, the funding gap, impact PR and building sustainable communities.  You'll also hear from our founder Ashleigh Cotterill and how she creates impact through Tea Bird's partnerships.
The Purpose Effect X Tea Bird Tea


T E A  B I R D  T E A  Proudly Sponsoring The Purpose Effect Season 6 - Listeners with purpose can use our promo code HUGINAMUG20 for a 20% discount on their whole order with no minimum spend - but remember we will be checking you really are a listener with purpose too.


We will share the weekly episodes here for you, via our email database and you can also listen from The Purpose Effect so we purposely have you covered!

Episode 1: Sonalie Figueiras, founder and editor-in-chief of Green Queen  

Green Queen is an award winning climate news media business and a leading voice in the conversation around the impact of our food systems on the climate.  In this special episode, co-hosted with Will Cheshier, host of Talkin’ Solutions podcast, we talk to Sonalie about why we won’t be able to solve the climate crisis without changing our global food system.  We also talk about the different alternative meat products on the market and practical steps to change the way you eat.

Episode 2: Jenny Au, co-founder of Fund Fluent

In a start-up environment chasing the next unicorn, Fund Fluent helps small businesses access the types of funding that many small business owners don’t even know about - grants, loans, micro-lenders and other non-dilutive funding options.  In this episode, Elena talks to co-founder Jenny Au about the funding gap and how to make the world more small and sustainable business friendly.


Episode 3: Sasibai Kimis, founder of Earth Heir

Sasibai Kimis is the founder of Earth Heir, a brand making fair-trade and B-Corp certified accessories created by artisans in underserved communities.  Earth Heir helps preserve traditional craftsmanship by working with artisans to create products that will provide them with sustainable income streams.  In this episode, Elena and Sasibai talk about some of the biggest challenges in growing social enterprises and the advice Sasibai would give to other female entrepreneurs embarking on this journey.


Episode 4: Becky Fox, sustainable business mentor

Becky Fox helps entrepreneurs create business with a social or environmental purpose beyond the profit.  Becky built a $ 1million dollar Purpose-Led business at the tender age of 25 and now works with business owners (or aspiring business owners) who want to do the same.  We talk about how any business can find a purpose beyond the profit and how to grow businesses that make money and do good.


Episode 5: Belinda Ng, sustainability consultant, climate campaigner and host of SustainaPod

We are at the edge of a huge shift in what consumers will demand from businesses.  As Gen Z start to control more money, all businesses will need to demonstrate that they are socially and environmentally conscious.  So we wanted to speak to Belinda Ng, a Gen Z leader and podcast host who not only helps established businesses adopt sustainable practices, but has been galvanizing young people in Hong Kong to make more conscious food choices.


Episode 6: Abbey Pantano, founder of the Impact Collab

Abbey Pantano is a community architect who helps impact driven start-ups scale and do more good through the power of partnerships.  We talk about the challenges faced by impact start ups and how sometimes collaborating and going deeper is the key to going the distance.


Episode 7: Helen Neal, Sustainability Communications expert and founder of HN Communications

Helen Neal helps businesses tell their stories.  She works with some of the worlds best global brands such as Bosch, Heineken, Nissan and the Climate Group get clear on their purpose and communicate on sustainability.  She is also the founder of Leaders Live, and event and online thought leadership platform about solving some of today’s biggest climate challenges.  We talk about how any business can incorporate sustainability into their purpose and their messaging.

Episode 8. Maaike Doyer on How Epic Angels is Democratising Startup Investing
If diversity is key to innovation, then a diverse investor pool is key to a healthy startup eco-system. Maaike Doyer left a career in management consulting for entrepreneurship - first by co-founding Business Models Inc, the producer of the Business Model Generator book and most recently through co-founding Epic Angels, Asia-Pacific's largest women only investment collective. 

Episode 9: Elena Kersey: Why Purpose-Driven Businesses are different and what I’ve learned about how to grow them

A solo episode with Elena talking about what makes Purpose-Driven businesses and start-ups different and what she has learned from the experts on this season about how to scale these businesses sustainably so that all businesses can do more good.


Episode 10:  Ashleigh Cotterill, Founder of Tea Bird Tea

Reuse, Reduce, Repurpose is the ethos at the centre of Tea Bird Tea.  This is because founder Ashleigh Cotterill believes that sustainability is not a buzzword, it’s a mandate.  And it’s key to how she is scaling her product business.  Even something as simple as a cup of tea has the power to do good and we speak to Ashleigh about how she is doing this through her partnership strategy.