Ashleigh Cotterill, Tea Bird Tea - Week 1 Complete Weight 79 kilos, lost 1.5 kilos - TBT123

Ashleigh Cotterill, Tea Bird Tea - Week 1 Complete Weight 79 kilos, lost 1.5 kilos - TBT123

Commenced TBT123 Week 1 January 2018

  Weight      |         Actions taken           |         Lost          | 

80.5 kilos            Stopped/ Started                1.5 kilos

Stopped drinking alcohol completely and eating 3 larges meals per day which was a holiday exception while living in hotels for the festive season. 

Began intermittent fasting and returned to drinking TBT123 throughout the day and following a healthy diet. TBT123 flavour of choice Morning Ginger Snap, Alkalizing during the day and Lemongrass & Ginger with extra rose and fresh ginger at Night 

Theory: for me a healthy diet is lots of homemade soups and vegetables - salads rarely cut it for me - I grew up doing a lot of physical exercise outside and you can't spend 6 hrs a day working in cold weather and looking after animals on a salad without fainting - for that amount of activity you need to eat a healthy diet. I believe what you grew up on, wherever you are from, if it wasn't processed and was freshly cooked is probably what your body operates best on.

So look back at a time in your life at when you where an optimum weight. You felt good, you felt strong and you didn't worry about what you ate and when you ate. Every thing just worked - find a picture or remember the types of foods you where eating and consider what the difference is today.

Why am I doing this?

I sat across from the supermarket buyer from one of my supermarkets and they said..."does it work?...the tea...does it work?"

I said "yes of course it works - 5-7kilos weight loss in 21 days' when you follow the intermittent fasting program and support with the tea bird teas."

Supermarket Buyer: "Its just, you are fat..."..laughs...looks slightly nervous...

I am Irish so of course I look him straight in the eye, laugh back and say "well I have been busy setting up and running a business, so no time to actually apply my own lifestyle recommendations - oh and I have 2 young kids and a husband who works 80 hrs a week. So my time is squeezed" and I finish with a comforting laugh to make him feel better...

Was he body shaming or was he saying what he see's - I no longer know what is politically correct anymore! Should he have been honest like that with me or just smiled and agreed the terms?

Anyway this wasn't the first time I had been hit with point blank rudeness, to my face about my size and it really (effing) hurt. But hey I was busy and would rather enjoy my dumplings than worry about looking like a dumpling!

Excuse, excuse, excuse...but is it an excuse or is it just life?

Things happen at certain times in your life for a reason - you see everything works if you believe it will and you have the time and energy to put into making it work.

And actually good health and lifestyle is about making the right chooses on a daily basis not for a few weeks then dropping it ( which is my story - I am genuinely busy, not just getting my nails done busy but some weeks are nonstop with Tea Bird Tea operations and promotions, and others are planning and organising for the busy weeks and then school and kids must be prioritised into this plan somewhere as well as meeting these delightful buyers from time to time).

And actually its just really hard to achieve consistency with anything outside of work or kids - which means YOU get the tired part of YOU at which time all YOU want to fit in is a good book or Netflix or dinner with friends or a bottle of wine sometimes all together at once!

No matter what way you look at it you are burnt out - and I was knackered, tired, exhausted, creatively challenged, over it and not on top of it - when I can't laugh, paint or write is usually when I know I need a switch ;0)

Ashleigh Cotterill 79 Kilos End Week 1 OYNBAshleigh Cotterill 79 Kilos End Week 1 OYNB

End Week 1 Ashleigh Cotterill 79 kilos TBT123

So 2017 for me was a FULL year of celebrations, important birthdays in my family, big changes in my work, new school for my son and my daughter was finally beginning to grow out of some parts of her CLD so even more reason to celebrate - then I turned 40 so after the celebrations we where just busy and that lead to more stress release of going out and we had some awesome visits from our besties from around the world so of course the beginning of 2018 seemed like a good time to make a change.

So I had been discussing with a friend about doing this one year no beer thing for a while and we had tried a few sessions on and off last year while integrating the Tea Bird Tea Bikini 21 diet which focuses on the idea that it takes 21 days to break a habit as well as the same amount of time to create a new habit.

Bikini 21 really works as a kick start to a new regime or a pull back when you have had a few overindulging weeks - without a doubt every time I have completed the Bikini 21 I have lost at least 5 kilos in the 21 days.

But this time I wanted to smash through some extra big challenges which will create a longer term change for my personal health which will improve my whole families health;

1) Smash my baby weight gain out of the park - my ideal weight for my height is 65 kilos so I definitely wanted to get back to that as the last time I was that weight was when I ran my PB Marathon time of 4.30 HRS in the Sydney Marathon just before I became pregnant with my first baby - that was 6 years ago ;0/ tricky right!

2) Settle some key health goals - last year I completed the full body exec health check and I came out as extremely fit, (I ran Singapore marathon a few months before), desirable cholesterol (shocking really give my love of meat) and all bloods, liver function heart function excellent - apart from the fact I was 20 kilos overweight. How can you be both those things? Even the Dr seemed perplexed!

3) Improve and balance my moods - I get snappy at my family (BTW I am not saying slim people are not snappy because well some are just hangry but) its proven that your are what you eat and if you are putting rubbish in you will get snappy back from me ;0) for instance being out late and eating rich foods make me feel tired and when I am tired and I am not getting enough work done I get mean and snappy. I see the OYNB as a big challenge socially and mentally (did i say I like to go out a lot) - anyway OYNB i view just like a marathon really and I am hoping by adding this into the total lifestyle mix it will help me achieve my weight loss goals and improve my all round fitness and mental focus.

4) I am scared of cancer and disease - I am in the ball park, I have had it in my family, I just hit 40 and its effected my friends lives significantly - its all around apparently I can get it from getting my gel nails done so i have to give that up too. Drinking AND eating carcinogens have been a big part of my life for a long time now

- I L O V E  S U G A R | I don't eat a lot of dairy but

- I L O V E  M E A T | I don't eat a lot of sweets but

- I L O V E  W I N E | I don't get to the gym that often because I hate it and I have no time but

- I I L O V E  E X C E R C I S I N G  O U T S I D E

- Anyway these are my key habits which are barriers to my success when it comes to kicking that extra 20 kilos I have lovingly collected over the last 6 years and I am ready to face them!

5) I have some great clothes which I never get to wear and I am sick of my mum having digs about my weight - (mum I love you but seriously), and I don't want to end up in my 50's, 60's and 70's talking about weight - its boring and I love food, travel, experiences and celebrations with the ones you love TOO much to give in to boring food demons.

Lets TBT123 this 20kgs ;0) 

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