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Summer Blends Morning, Noon and Night Retro designs and blends...

Tea Bird Tea

Posted on July 24 2018

Kick back and relax with with our healthy Summer blends offer - Choose a healthy lifestyle and make healthy choices this summer with our organic summer blends bundle offer. Stop your hunger pangs with our healthy loose leaf organic tea bird tea blends. Stop snacking, stop bloating and kick water retention to the curb with our specially blended healthy daily morning, noon and night healthy lifestyle blends...

Here's what's inside;

Tea Bird Tea Morning BlendTea Bird Tea Morning Blends

  • 1 X Green tea slim and curb appetite
  • 1 X Firecracker increase metabolic rate

Tea Bird Tea Noon BlendTea Bird Tea Noon Blend

  • 1 X Vanilla Rooibos tea boost immune

Tea Bird Tea Night Blend Tea Bird Tea Night Blend

  • 1 X Mint anti bloating and blasts water retention
  • 1 X Coffee Body Scrub


Tea Bird Tea Morning, Noon and NightTea Bird Tea healthy choice teas morning, noon and night

Your body reacts to differently throughout each day as you put it through the stress of school runs, rushing to work, dieting, eating processed foods, exercising too much and not exercising enough.

Therefore it makes sense that different teas might help you as you undulate throughout each day. Our carefully chosen teas are selected with this in mind and this is where the Tea Bird Tea Morning, Noon and Night concept comes from. So you can view above the chart which displays our range for every part of the day.

We believe in morning, noon and night so much that we even put it in our logo! Can you spot our Morning, noon and night symbols in your Tea Bird Tea packaging?! ;0) Buy here...


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