Patterns “Life is the constant ebb and flow of holding on and letting go” Esther Etsy - 5 MIN READ

Patterns “Life is the constant ebb and flow of holding on and letting go”  Esther Etsy - 5 MIN READ

Datin Eileen Unwin

Author: Datin Eileen Unwin - “Intention is more than wishful thinking; it’s wilful direction”

Fundamental life changes and how little control we actually have, as humans, has been proved most recently during this global pandemic that is Covid-19. The amount of time we invest in planning our future only to find that life throws a curveball. We find ourself back to the drawing board, rediscovering what is required of us mentally and physically to maintain stability.

The reality is, we are left with no choice but to adapt to the rich pattern of living, accepting it’s fateful ebb and flow to achieve a sense of balance and harmony in our emotions. This is what is paramount; our mental health, our awareness of our reactions and how we deal with them, how they are reflected on others and how they, in turn, react to us. Harmonious living as an ideal is one thing, but living harmoniously within ourselves is quite another.

Viktor Frankl, author of Man’s Search for Meaning tells us “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

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As children, we behave instinctively resulting in a lack of awareness. However, as adults our environment and relationship to our surroundings controls us. It is, therefore, only with maturity that we have an understanding of how our moods impact our day to day living. External forces may have the ability to tip the balance but foresight to acknowledge and prevent the instability is where inner intuition becomes apparent. ‘Reactive’ behaviour is a more natural response but what we want to achieve is ‘Proactive’ behaviour whereby we become the power force at the helm of our own emotional ship. It sets an internal compass of the direction we are heading, building a basic platform of how and what external forces dictate proactive responses.

Let’s start with some main key triggers; diet, hormones, the lunar calendar, relationships, career goals and exercise all can have either a positive or negative impact on what we wish to achieve. They naturally go hand-in-hand but, only once recognised, are we half way to achieving a sense of constant satisfaction in wellbeing and wellness. Our bodies average 60% water, so it goes without saying that we naturally react just as the sea does; a constant ebb and flow of waves, dictated by the moon and weathered by emotional and mental storms.

Life's Patterns

A key tool in discovering freedom of attitude is to start journaling. A most simple method that graphs moods and reactions relative to external forces. Think of it as a personalised algorithm chart. Did that carb loading meal lead to a state of sleepiness or a night of excessive alcohol drinking result in a day or even days of anxiety? Maybe an argument with a loved one caused a sugar fest, a demanding job role increased sleeplessness or simply that the weather put you in a bad mood? You get my point .... document it. Whatever imbalance you are personally experiencing can either be acknowledged as a fundamental opportunity for change, or not, depending on your internal urge for a consistently harmonious mental state.

Changing negatives into positives is ultimately the aim of the game so by recognising the behavioural patterns that become apparent through journaling, you are now in control of your own destiny. Understanding what dictates your mood swings, your eating habits, your sleep patterns enables you to be the master of choices in order to change and adapt ... to feel less anxious, to sleep better, regain energy, communicate calmly.

Simply setting a consistent routine for the day encourages balance. Quite literally you are managing the ebb and flow of your own life in a logical, methodical and most importantly, understanding manner. Nothing will serve your mental freedom more.

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