Kept running got back ache stopped and ate some ice-cream - did you know that people who sleep less are on average 10pounds heavier than people who get 8 hrs a night?...Ashleigh Cotterill, Tea Bird Tea - Week 6 Total weight loss 3.5 kilos - TBT123

Ashleigh Cotterill week 6

Did you know that people who sleep less are on average 10 pounds heavier than people who get 8 hrs a night? I have literally not slept in a week - if I spend 1 night working then I am sure to finish the ice-cream, and then be woken up by the kids on the remaining 4 work nights of the weeks.

On average I am catching about 4 hrs of sleep per night - my dad used to tell me this was good - more time to think and work but actually I am shattered and to be honest I am more than 10 pounds heavier than the average person who lounges around getting 8 hrs of sleep a night more.

Commenced TBT123 Week 6 February 2018

  Weight      |         Actions taken           |         Lost          |     Total Weightloss   |    

77 kilos            Stopped/ Started                  -0.5 kilo                         3.5 kilo

Stopped no alcohol, tried less sugar  but lack of sleep made me reach for coffee and ice-cream.

Began eating too much ice-cream and not enough tea - I never said it was easy 

Theory: Well some weeks your good intentions are just that - good intentions...

Week 6 Well I look like I have not slept in a week! and pure non stop work has helped me loose that half a kilo but i don't feel healthy or look vibrant

 Ashleigh Cotterill Week 6Ashleigh Cotterill week 6

Week 5 Well I look like I mean business but hey lets see what the scales say next week!

Ashleigh Cotterill Week 5Ashleigh Cotterill means business

Week 4 End Week 4 Ashleigh Cotterill 78 kilos TBT123 total weight loss 2.5 kilos - frumpy gear Victoria Beckham called she wants her pants back so she can hide her shoes ;0)

Week 3 End Week 3 Ashleigh Cotterill 77.5 kilos TBT123 total weight loss 3kilos - need my roots done ;0)

Ashleigh Cotterill lost 3 kilosAshleigh Cotterill week 3

Week 2

Ashleigh Cotterill TBT123 Week2Ashleigh Cotterill Week 2 TBT123 - Lost 0.5

End Week 2 Ashleigh Cotterill 78.5 kilos TBT123 total weight loss 2kilos

 Ashleigh Cotterill 79 Kilos End Week 1 OYNBAshleigh Cotterill 79 Kilos End Week 1 OYNB

End Week 1 Ashleigh Cotterill 79 kilos TBT123

Recap of why I am doing this...

1) Smash my baby weight gain out of the park - getting there slowly

2) Settle some key health goals - #fail this week

3) Improve and balance my moods - lack of sleep creates too much imbalance

4) I am scared of cancer and disease - still concerned but am changing this

5) I have some great clothes which I never get to wear - trying not to buy new clothes

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