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Exclusive Tea Bird Tea Morning, Noon and Night Warrior for Lisa Von Tang

Tea Bird Tea

Posted on May 27 2018

Exclusively for Lisa Von Tang we bring you our finest tea blends to keep this warrior feeling fresh Morning, Noon and Night.

Night Warrior Lisa Von Tang

Morning Warrior 

Wake and rise with our morning Firecracker tea blend putting a fire in your heart from the earliest of starts. 

Tea bird Tea Firecracker for Lisa Von Tang

Noon Warrior

Boost your immune system with our Vanilla Rooibos tea blend a raging injection of anti oxidants making you feel ready to be a true Noon Warrior. 

Noon Warrior

Night Warrior

Reflect and recharge with our Lemongrass Night Warrior to cleanse your mind and body.

Hand packed, artisan, organic tea bird tea blends using our new biodegradable, organic teabags. 

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