Deborah Henry: Healthy Living Is A Lifestyle For Me

We are very lucky to have worked with Deborah for over a year now and have had a lot of fun and good times together from photo shoots to events and dreaming up new blends for you guys to try.

It is true, she is as sparkly and gorgeous in real life as she is in any glossy magazine you pick up, her humanitarian work and her commitment to the continued success of Fugee School is so motivating and inspiring for us to to keep doing the best we can do for Fugee - (don't forget 1 MYR from every pack of Tea Bird Tea sold every month goes to help Fugee School).

But after all that how does she keep her energy levels up and stay so sparkly??? Check out this article in Tatler Malaysia by By to find out more about Deborah's healthy lifestyle that we can all try out..

 Deborah Henry the beach is the life for me

Your go-to health drink would be? 

I believe that an unhappy gut is a key to many health and skin problems. So, I prefer a product that helps to aid and improve my digestion.

I like to sip on a colon cleanse organic tea blend from Tea Bird Tea after meals because it calms my stomach and prevents acid reflux. After workouts, instead of gulping down packaged fruits juices that are loaded with sugar, I prepare my own chilled version of the firecracker tea, from the same brand, that comes with a hint of chilli and acts as a fat burner.

I also like to sip on green tea throughout the day and sometimes include a probiotic drink in my early morning routine.

Deborah HenryTea Bird Tea Green Tea

What is your workout routine like? 

I like to mix my workouts to keep things interesting.

Currently, I do yoga twice a week to stretch my muscles and to work on my flexibility and agility. Yoga also helps me to feel more positive and peaceful.

I alternate my yoga classes with a 45-minute intense training session at Fire Station. The workout there is a mixture of stride, floor exercises, TRX and functional training that gives me a rigorous full body workout and gets my heart rate up and going.


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