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Cold Storage Section 14 - Hydration Raya Packs on shelf today!

Ashleigh Cotterill

Posted on June 03 2017

Today our new Tea Bird Tea Selemat Hari Raya Hydration packs went on shelf today in Cold Storage Section 14

Tea Bird Tea Hydration packs - Morning, noon and night blends that you can use after dusk and before dawn to aid your fasting period and keep you feeling fresh and healthy. Here is how they can help...

Tea Bird Tea Night Tea         Colon Cleanse - to aid digestion after meals. Moroccan Mint - refresh the palate, hydrate and reduce wind. Lemon grass - Overnight cleanse.

Tea Bird Tea Morning Tea    Ginger Snap - to boost your energy and immune system. Liver detox to cleanse your liver and kidneys and purify your blood. Alkalising - balance your PH and reduce acid reflux and heart burn.

After you have picked up your Tea bird Tea stop, look around, and listen...

Go in-store for an amazing fresh selection of fish, meats and fruit and not even that their staff are wonderfully welcoming and helpful. This refurbished store is spacious, easy to get around, and a pleasure to shop in - as a supplier I feel welcome and at ease as a customer I feel welcome and excited to see what Cold Storage Section 14 has to offer.

We like to eat fresh and with out a doubt the fish and meat we see in Cold Storage Section 14 really makes me want to get cooking.

Have a great fasting period and we look forward to hearing your questions on Tea Bird Tea soon.


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