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Balcony Bloomer Grow in the tin herbs

Tea Bird Tea

Posted on April 29 2018

Grow in the tin herbs

Launching our new grow in the tin Balcony Bloomer herbs - our tins allow the air to circulate around the roots and help our herbs to grow strong.

The Balcony Bloomer Grow tin can be used at work, in your kitchen, on your windowsill and  on your balcony. In each seed tin you will find everything you need to start growing, the soil pellet and seeds are inside and the bag is your pot. 

Great idea for party bags with wholesale rates for 20 tins and above.

Grow Plan

  1. Open the tin and remove the seeds
  2. Add water to the pellet and let pellet grow
  3. There is a hole in the top of the pellet make sure this is facing up
  4. Pour seeds into the hole and cover with soil from the pellet
  5. Set in the sun
  6. Make sure you keep the pellet moist by adding a few teaspoons of water everyday
  7. After 5 days you see some sprouts growing out of the pellet
  8. As the plant grows its good to let it have 4-6 hrs of sun everyday but make sure the area is partly shaded so your seedling doesn't get burnt in the hot Malaysian sun.
  9. After 20-30 days you will be able to repot you seedling by dropping the plant and its soil pellet straight into a larger pot with soil.
  10. You can start snipping your herbs to add to your meals everyday.

Not only is it exciting to grow your own herbs its stress busting, helps kids get involved with food in a healthy way by understanding how it grows and how long it takes.

Whats more it makes people think about what people are putting in their bodies in a healthy way.

Balcony Bloomer Grow Tins - just add water.


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