‘Heritage, Ethnic, Chic Art with a Heart’

Announcing a collaboration between two passionate designers.

Ashleigh Cotterill, TEA BIRD TEA and Franki Turner, FRANKITAS are shaping the future of how business women can collaborate effectively and sustainably. They have a shared vision to genuinely make the world a better place through their sustainable supply chain ethos.

Their love of colour and design made this partnership an exciting opportunity to be able to offer customers a beautiful piece of FRANKITAS chic style over a cup of tea. Elevating and growing the distribution opportunities for both TEA BIRD TEA and FRANKITAS helps to celebrate and support the local communities and crafters FRANKITAS work with.

This proto type launch sees us bringing 4 flavors to the market Green tea with Chrysanthemum, Vanilla Rooibos, Alkalizing with Turmeric and Ginger Snap. TEA BIRD TEA follows a Morning, Noon and Night concept intended to target different areas of your body at different times of the day.


Green Tea with Chrysanthemum – Wake up and shake up with our antioxidant boosting green tea with chrysanthemum. The Chrysanthemum twist gives this green tea a smooth taste while the green tea with low caffeine will keep you alert while you start your day.


Alkalizing with Turmeric – Maintain a healthy balance in your body using our Alkalizing blend which will reduce acid in your stomach and the turmeric also aids to reduce inflammation in your joints from exercise, heat swelling while travelling or over indulgence.

Vanilla Rooibos – Energy BOOST packed full of antioxidants our vanilla rooibos will take your breath away as soon as you open the tin. Smells sweet but tastes smooth this tea is the perfect sweet treat mid afternoon.


Ginger Snap with cloves – Perfect night cap our Ginger Snap blend was created to prevent colds and sore throats taking hold after long days at school, work or play. Packed with VITAMINE C this blend also uses medicinal cloves which sooth throats and boosts immunity.

Our blends can be enjoyed hot or cold and we recommend our caffeine free, sugar free blends for children to enjoy chilled instead of sugary drinks.

This collaboration represents a shared purpose, to support the local community while encouraging healthy living. All teas are 100% organic, with no added sugar, no additives nor preservatives, and they are very low or totally caffeine free.


TEA BIRD TEA aims to deliver a delectable range of organic blends

Our founder Ashleigh Cotterill hand draws and designs all of our packaging from scratch and has a fascination with Andy Warhol and his treatment of mass production. In fact her goal has been to have millions of pieces of her art in households across the globe! So far she has distributed over 1,000,000 of our TEA BIRD TEA designs!!!

TEA BIRD TEA has continually aimed to support strong CSR programs throughout their supply chain and ultimately our long term goal is to deliver a completely biodegradable product and sustainable supply chain which our customers can be proud to support.

Likewise FRANKITAS has created a brand which celebrates the integration of skilled ethnic crafters into her stunning signature handbags and now home wares. It is a pleasure and honor to work with such a multi level business women and equally inspires further innovation from TEA BIRD TEA to ensure we can deliver on our own sustainability ethos.

FRANKITAS aims to build a working community by creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged crafters in remote areas so that they may continue to create traditional works of art.

To achieve this, FRANKITAS purchases textiles at fair prices either directly from the weavers or through NGO’s that represent them, in places like the villages of Indonesia, Flores Island Lombok and many more.

FRANKITAS’ collection is handcrafted by talented men and women from different parts of Indonesia and Malaysia; Titin Martini from Bogor, Ahmadi Yaacob from Pahang, Luh Ria from Bali and Ibu Ina Miatim from Lombok and David and Ah Lam from Malaysia.

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