Sense how you should feel on the inside so you glow on the outside - Tea Bird Tea follows the Malay concept of Sucimurni to create the best organic tea to make you glow everyday...

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You see a lot from us about healthy living, well that’s because we firmly believe that if you have a happy inside, you will happier on the outside. People will notice your energy and your presence, which will lead to more opportunities.

Tea Bird Tea is all about building little opportunities for healthy living in to your busy lifestyle, particularly through its focus on making appropriate choices of tea for the morning, noon and night. Fortunately Tea Bird Tea also packs a powerful punch with its range of tastes and drinking it certainly makes me feel a heap better.

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I recently learned about Sucimurni living. Suci what? Sucimurni. It’s a Malay lifestyle concept, which focuses on the five senses (taste, smell, touch, sound, sight). And, put quite simply, it encourages you to connect yourself more actively with your external environment by engaging these senses. It has been described as ‘a perfect blend of dynamism between self and nature’ and it places a focus on the various diffferent human energy centres.

I’m not an expert in Chakra nor can I promise to be able to explain the deeper significance behind various energy centres and their links to animal characteristics, but I do appreciate the importance of spiritual health and well-being. I also appreciate how important it is for things to taste good. That’s why with Tea Bird, we insist that the positivity we bring isn’t just around supporting refugee children’s education via Fugee School, but also by remaining firmly focused on the products being healthy, smelling amazing and tasting great.

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I like the idea of building some regular opportunity for engaging my senses in to my daily routine. Every now and then to just stop and think about the various energies which make us all up. So, look around a bit more, listen to the sounds around you, and take time to notice pleasant smells. Just like you saw Atiria Haron exuding endless positivity and energy earlier this month, so you can start building a little routine in to your day to achieve some of the same. Connect more with your external environment and feed your inner sense of wellbeing. What animal, qualities and energy do you most resonate with today and how can you harness that energy?

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