A helping hand at Hari Raya

A helping hand at Hari Raya

Happy Friday! So it's the end of the week, and Ramadhan Hari Raya is edging closer. People throughout Malaysia are gearing up for their trips home, or to receive friends and family. There's a distinct feeling of anticipation and excitement in the air, and a rather a distinct build up of traffic on the roads.

Celebrations will be held across the country and across the world. We'll see special clothing, bursting with colour,  exchanges of gifts and we'll share in a deep sense of appreciation. For me, it reminds me of the importance of community, and of making an effort. Gifts don't need to be glamorous or snazzy, it's the effort that is most appreciated.

Has anyone seen the TV advert this year for Diari Ramadahn Opah? Where a boy finds his grandmother's diary? I love it. It lists the things that she has been given for Hari Raya. As he reads on, the boy realises that the most important things in life are not necessarily tangible things. The work that we do with Fugee School continues to flourish, and we wish all of the students and staff a very happy Hari Raya.

This time of year also always reminds me how travel, as exciting as it is, can sometimes wreak havoc with your routine and your health. Why not take a selection of your favourite teas with you when you travel this year? Tell us how you managed to keep your healthy habits going even when your routine changed. Remember to drink lots of water, continue to exercise, and try not to eat too much late at night. As you know, Tea Bird Teas are designed to support you morning, noon and night, so take your pick and give your body a helping hand this Hari Raya.

We'd also love to hear whether or not anything felt particularly different or new about Hari Raya for you this year. What do you most look forward to and who will you share your tea with this time? 

I can't wait to check back in with you after a few quiet days of holiday, and hearing your stories.



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