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You know that feeling when you've just worked out really hard? The endorphins are rushing and you're feeling satisfied. Most likely you'll have your water bottle for replenishment, but then, later you may be tempted to grab a sparkling soft drink.

According to research conducted in the UK last year, approximately half of the fizzy drinks on the global market have more sugar in one can than an adult's daily allowance. That means up to 9 teaspoons of sugar per can. Per individual can! In April 2018, the UK will see a significant 'sugar tax' applied to soft drinks as the negative effects on health and immunity have been clearly proven.

Even those drinks that are labelled 'sugar free' can often be jammed with artificial sweeteners that can confuse your body on a physiological level and lead to the equivalent challenges of sugar highs.       

Sugar free running

Tea Bird Tea has developed a totally sugar free, caffeine free, organic sparkling hibiscus tea. It gives you the beautiful hibiscus taste, the thrill of drinking sparkling, and the knowledge that you are lowering blood pressure, strengthening your immune system and improving the function of your bladder and bowels.

Back at the start of August 2017, Tea Bird Tea held an exciting evening event to promote the sparkling tea in conjunction with Deborah Henry and Atilia Haron - one of Malaysia's foremost singer songwriters. Atilia is the driving force behind YOTIW Studios (YogaOneThatIWant) in Damansara Perdana, Shah Alam and Kuching. The studios offer a range of activities such as Yoga, Pilates and Zumba for all yogis, whether you're just starting out or more experienced. 

As replenishment after the event, participants drank the sparkling Hibiscus Tea, and were polled. 93% loved the taste and 86% of respondents agreed that drinking sparkling Hibiscus Tea was refreshing after their workout. Most interestingly, 86% agreed that they would buy the sparkling hibiscus as an alternative to other sparkling drinks which bodes well for the need to cut down on sugar where and when you can...

Did you know that accustoming your taste buds with a more tart pallet will actually reduce your hunger pangs!

86% of respondents loved the energetic and quirky packaging, and the vast majority said that they would recommend it to a friend. 

Organic Loose Leaf Tea Bird Tea is sold across almost 40 supermarkets in KL, JB and Penang, and has significant online sales. It is also branching in to cafes, restaurants and department stores. At the event, less than a quarter of the people had heard of Tea Bird Tea - a useful reminder to continue raising brand awareness.

We know that once people try the range of teas, there's no going back - the incredible tastes speak for themselves!!

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