Day 2 - senses heightened already

Day 2 - senses heightened already

So, day 2 of the Bikini 21! Was thrilled to have put a tea or two in the fridge overnight so I had something to grab this morning. Last night was a tough one, being woken up at 4.30am and unable to get back to sleep for the noise of rumbling from my tummy! I had to be happy that the Colon Cleanse was doing its magic.

I had the confidence to wear one of my favourite figure-hugging workout tops from Lorna Jane this morning and the smell of the caffeine-free Organic Vanilla Tea Bird Tea with Rooibus just totally hit me when I opened the packet to have a cup earlier. Because there is no tannin in rooibus, I could leave the infuser in for a long time and really get a strong taste.

Did you know that the green rooibus contains more natural enzymes than red rooibus? It's packed with health benefits and should help me sleep. A lovely salmon steak on some lightly steamed carrots and it's almost time for bed. Now it's just to keep try and stay asleep all night and avoid the rumbling tummy!

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