21 day Teatox here we come!

Kicking off Bikini21 Teabirdtea

Lift off! So it has started! Day 1 of 21 days towards feeling AMAZING, focused, goal-driven and empowered. I am looking forward to shedding some kgs. But mostly I am looking forward to total clarity - clarity about what I put in to my body, at what time of day, and why. Our bodies work so hard, and they deserve more attention. 

The Bikini 21 Teatoxing diet is an easy to use, all encompassing, holistic approach to being healthy, not a diet fad, but more a way of life. It focuses on ensuring that you give your body the building blocks it needs (essential nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, fibre and water) in intelligent and measured amounts

It has been proven that 21 days is long enough to establish a habit, and it feels to me like just the right amount of time for a challenge. I can see the end but I still need to pace myself. I know that even when I am asleep, the benefits of drinking the appropriate Tea Bird Teas will be kicking in. So I am going to start with a few principles. Care to join me?

Buddies: It's always easier to stick at something if you have a partner or a buddy, which, fortunately I have. I have a buddy for my exercise and a buddy for the 21 day diet.

Be prepared: It makes sense to prepare your tea of choice the night before and chill it in the fridge. And you need to drink enough water (8-10 glasses). Well, after a run around Lake Gardens, I am ready to drink 1 litre straight off. I wish I had been more prepared for my run...I could only find my hiking boots this morning. Note to self...put the running clothes out the night before.

Did you know? Carboyhdrates are hydrophilic (which means they cause water retention), but protein actually encourages water to be released from the body. That's pretty cool.

The scales...61.8 kg. See you tomorrow!

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Tea bird Tea Senses

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Tea Bird Tea Available in Tokyo Japan

Tea Bird Tea Launches at the British Fair in Tokyo!

Day 2 - senses heightened already

Day 2 - senses heightened already


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