Tea Bird Tea Launches at the British Fair in Tokyo!

Tea Bird Tea Available in Tokyo Japan
Tea Bird Tea Launches in Tokyo Japan
So proud to share that we have just gone live in Tokyo, Japan at the British Fair in  Isetan Shinjuku with Yakuryo Ltd. You can pick up your Tea Bird Tea and some amazing organic scones for afternoon tea 🥰🫖

A daily ritual in Britain over 100 million cups of tea are drank daily and while we source our ingredients from all over the world our English Breakfast & Earl Grey Orange are truly British favourites. A sweet treat, our Vanilla Rooibos will make you swoon for quintessential British summer picnics in the park, pretty dresses and afternoon tea.

Our Blends

Organically grown, the original loose leaf form is maintained within our teabags to ensure there is as little processing as possible. We use corn starch teabags – completely natural, biodegradable and they become shear when you pour hot or chilled water on them so you can see the natural organic tea ingredients inside.

Our specialised tea machine heat presses the teabags together so there is no glue involved and we made our packaging and branding so beautiful we knew we would never need to add a tag to every bag to remind you who we are. We believe we created a better teabag for a better cup of tea.

Thinking of you Morning, Noon & Night

“I grew up on a farm in Northern Ireland, Great Britain watching my mum add herbs & spices into her cooking, not only for flavour but for the health benefits as well.

As she cooked she taught me about food, herbs, spices and their uses, how it brings families together and nourishes relationships.

I always think that food should look like food, so when it came to creating our Tea Bird Tea products I only wanted to use natural organic ingredients in the blends, some of my mum’s favourites are even in there.

Every cup of Tea Bird Tea should make you feel special, refreshed and nourished. Whether it’s a 5 minute break, a morning walk on the go blend or a catch up with friends for afternoon tea, every cup of Tea Bird Tea should make you feel at home.”                                                                                            

Ashleigh Cotterill, Owner Founder Tea Bird Tea


Tea Bird Tea launches in Tokyo Japan

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Tea Bird Tea: Morning, Noon & Night

Tea Bird Tea: Morning, Noon & Night

Tea fit for a Queen...

Tea fit for a Queen...


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