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New Organic Sparkling Hibiscus Tea Bird Tea - Healthy Skin | Caffeine Free | Sugar Free

RM49.99 MYR

Organic Hibiscus Tea. Hibiscus tea is made from dried petals of the hibiscus flower.  It's packed with antioxidants and has a lovely fruity, tart flavour.  Hibiscus tea makes up into a beautiful rosy red infusion - visually stunning, this tea is one to show off in glass teaware. Often referred to as Egyptian Red Tea.

Hibiscus Rosella Tea is used:
-  To control cholesterol levels
-  To lower blood pressure
-  To strengthen the immune system and promote healthy skin
-  For its diuretic properties to improve the function of bladder and bowels.  Used to treat constipation.

Hibiscus Rosella Tea Contains:
-  Vitamin A, C, B2
-  Zinc, iron, phosphorus

Organic herbal tea. 100% natural and nothing added. Low GI, vegan, gluten free and caffeine free. Grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides and is non-GMO

Botanial name:  Hibiscus Sabdariffa

This tea is sold in packs of 6 only the price is for 6 bottles per purchase.

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