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Indian Ocean by Shailly Gupta

Tea Bird Tea

Posted on November 01 2018

Welcoming Shailly Gupta to Tea Bird Tea House 83 Jalan Telawi for her first solo exhibition fusing fashion and art.

Shailly Gupta’s move to Malaysia in 2007 was the beginning of her creative journey.

Having nursed an interest in art and a dormant creative sensibility for years, Shailly took the new adventure as an opportunity to start her own studio, where she began to paint. Motivated, she enrolled herself in various art courses. Eventually she joined the ‘Fine Arts’ programme at the Malaysian Institute of Art as an observer, to give herself a more formal education in the field and explore the possibilities that art could offer.

The Strata

The Green Strata

Medium : Acrylic Year : 2017Size  : 91 x 122 cm

Description : The artist was inspired by the changing colours of water, particularly the sea how at different times in the day the ocean can look green, turquoise  or blue.

Price : Rm 7000

The Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge

Medium : Acrylic Year : 2016 Size  : 91 x 61 cm

Description : The artist was inspired by bridges and connectivity. Bridges are not only man made but also made by earth itself. I bridge signifies connections. and connections are Golden.  

Price : Rm 2900


 Blue Lotus

The Blue Lotus

Year : 2017 Medium : Acrylic Size : 60 x 121 cm

Description : The artist was inspired by the beauty of lakes, the lotus flower lends a feeling of suspension and surrealism to the piece almost giving a feel of a Celestial Pond

Price : Rm 4000


The Hope

The Hope( Framed broad copper frame)

Year : 2016 Medium : Acrylic Size : 90 x 90 cm

Description : The painting is about rising up above the challenges in life and the indomitable spirit of us humans

Price : Rm 3500



Year : 2016 Medium : Acrylic Size : 150 x 170 cm

Description : Inspired by a night full of stars. To some it look like a satellite shot. It’s an immersive painting with potential to throw up a surprise every time one sees it.

Price : Rm 11000



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