Tumboh launches 2 delectable blends for you to enjoy morning, noon & night!

Tumboh launches 2 delectable blends for you to enjoy morning, noon & night!

Tea Bird Tea was asked to create 2 special blends for Tumboh this year and we are excited to share more about Tumboh here. When you are ready to order you can click here and buy online!

Tumboh Mint Blend

Derived  from the Malaysian word for "grow", Tumboh is a social enterprise that produces plant-based lifestyle products that benefit individuals, communities and societies. At its core, the idea for Tumboh is the belief that helping underprivileged communities in Malaysia is a responsibility, not a choice.

A little perspective: Malaysia is home to over 400-thousand households that fall under the poverty line, there are also 250-thousand single mothers, almost 200-thousand refugees, and many more communities in dire need of aid. The situation was further exacerbated when the pandemic hit, as many people lost their loved ones and their livelihoods to COVID-19.

Why do we do what we do?: Thankfully, Malaysia is also home to champions: people, charities, institutions and organisations that fight to improve the lives of the less fortunate. We at Tumboh aim to help these champions by providing them with the financial support they need to continue to do good in the country through the sale of our products.

How we started: Tumboh launched in the middle of the pandemic. Hence, in an effort to meet the demand for high quality and plant-based hand sanitiser that could keep communities safe from the virus, Tumboh's team launched four types of hand sanitiser: Lavender 60ML Misty Spray, Lime 60ML Misty Spray, Lavender 500ML Gel and Lime 500ML Gel sanitiser. Each bottle is produced with a GMP certified manufacturer and is notified with KKM to ensure our customers are protected. More importantly, each bottle sold contributes to helping an underprivileged community in Malaysia. The 60ML Spray bottles contribute RM1.50, while the 500ML Gel bottles contribute RM4.00.


Our beneficiary: In an effort to remain transparent about how Tumboh functions as a social enterprise, we have selected Need to Feed the Need (NFN) as our main beneficiary from August 2021 until December 2021. As of September 2021, Tumboh has donated 380 bottles of hand sanitiser, and 700 packets of facemasks to NFN, and by December Tumboh would have 1750 packets of facemasks and 380 bottles of hand sanitisers, valued at over RM21,000. As NFN is a soup kitchen with over 300 patrons on a weekly basis, Tumboh has decided to funnel all the collected contributions of our sold products to the NFN team until the end of the year.

What are we doing now?: As of September 2021, Tumboh officially started diversifying our plant-based lifestyle products with the launch of our Generous Granolas! Using only monk fruit sweetener and keeping our ingredients as natural as possible, we developed 5 tantalizing flavours; Pandan & Coconut, Chocolate & Cranberry, Cinnamon & Apple, Coffee & Raisins and Matcha & Currants with each bag weighing at 250g. Each bag also contributes RM1.50 to NFN. 

As of October, Tumboh had the honour to collaborate with Tea Bird Tea who helped us produce two exclusive tea blends: Vanilla Chai with Hibiscus and the Peppermint with Green Tea Spice. In conjunction with this beautiful partnership, we would like to offer everyone a Tumboh x Tea Bird Tea Promotion. Any customer can now purchase one flavour of granola and one tea blend for only RM50.00! Promotion will be running for one month starting from today and ending at 11.59 pm on 6th November 2021.

A little message from us: As Tumboh grows, so does our ability to help others. So help us by growing with us and making a difference. Let’s #tumbohtogether.

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