Thankyou Women's Weekly Malaysia and Cold Storage for the feature!

Thankyou Women's Weekly Malaysia and Cold Storage for the feature!

We are proud sponsors in the Women's Weekly Malaysia Goodie Bags given out at the Woman's Weekly Event at Jaya One with Cold Storage. 

Women's Weekly Magazine Malaysia empowers an affluent generation of Malaysian women who have high expectations for their lives and which offers solutions and ways to make the modern working mother’s life easier and better.

Launched in 2000, The Malaysian Women´s Weekly is a broadly targeted, family-oriented glamour title covering fashion, health and beauty, “real-life” stories, cuisine, décor and Hollywood glamour. The Weekly is Malaysia´s fastest-growing women´s lifestyle magazine. It entertains, informs and is contemporary and relevant to today’s modern working woman.

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Tea bird Tea prides itself in empowering women and men to feel great about themselves inside and out. Tea Bird Tea loose leaf tea range is an organic range of healthy teas targeting key health concerns that woman face everyday from bloating, bad digestion, cleansing and energy levels. Our lives are becoming busier, more challenging and also more exciting year on year. Through actively managing your health day 2 day you can meet these challenges with a smile.

We ensure that you can find us wherever you shop day or night, online or locally by partnering with some of the best supermarkets available. You can find us in all Cold Storage stores and we feel their customer ethos and focus offers a wonderful environment for people to choose some of the best, freshest and most convenient groceries around and of course you will always find us in the tea isle or on display or being sampled in your favourite stores at the weekends!

Cold Storage Our Story Since it began operating in Malaysia in 1963, Cold Storage has been a trusted name in fresh produce as well as top quality local and imported products. The brand continually challenges and innovates to delight its customers with a wide range of superior and unique products.

Now with 14 outlets across the country, Cold Storage strives to provide a one-stop shopping experience with the introduction of its very own cafe, ready-to-eat meals as well as friendly customer service.

Fresher Our fruit and vegetable sections offer a wide selection of the best and the freshest produce. We also provide a good choice of local and imported seafood - with those caught locally being delivered to our stores daily, while imported fish like salmon is air-flown. Our fishmongers are ever ready to help you select the best seafood as well as to clean, cut and pack it for you per your requirements.

We also carry a wide variety of poultry, beef and lamb including those that are imported. Our butchers can help you pick the right cut of meat as well as to cut and pack it according to your needs.

More Variety

At Cold Storage, we pride ourselves on an exclusive range of fine food, wines and liquors which can be found in our non-halal section. We offer fine wines, beers and liquors from around the world which are clearly displayed by region and country, making it easy for you to find something new or your all-time favourites.

To cater to our customers’ needs, we are constantly looking to bring in more exciting products. Hence we carry a number of brands which are exclusive to us such as Waitrose and Booths from UK, Casino from France and Monte Verde of Italy.

Those with a preference for the international and exotic will be happy to know that our new Asian Corner has products from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, India and even those locally produced favourites brands.

More Convenience

For a quick bite or drink, why not pop by The Meeting Place (available at selected stores), Cold Storage’s very own chic cafe right in the store. Offering a variety of freshly baked breads and cakes, quiche and pies, as well as good quality coffee and tea, this is definitely the place to be seen.


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