Fadder & Fadder - Be Beach Ready in 10 Days ... Get The Body You Want in 14 Days ... Drop a Dress Size in a Week 5 MINS READ

Fadder & Fadder - Be Beach Ready in 10 Days ... Get The Body You Want in 14 Days ... Drop a Dress Size in a Week 5 MINS READ

Be Beach Ready in 10 Days ... Get The Body You Want in 14 Days ... Drop a Dress Size in a Week

Have I got your attention?  Well, I hope not .... if we are seriously still drawn to these outdated, unrealistic slogans that prey on vulnerable human psychology, seeking quick fix solutions to gain a body that was never meant for us, it is worrying to say the least. 


My career in the health and fitness world goes back a long way so watch my eyes glaze when someone tells me about the latest detox/transformation trend that will turn their bodies and, in their mind, their life around too.  I genuinely do not mean to be skeptical but my support wavers in the fact that, never have I seen an individual transform in any other way than a guided approach of consistency and ‘wholesomeness’.  By this, I mean in everything ... from daily movement patterns to food choices, product brands purchased and communication with oneself.  No amount of high impact exercise and general lack of nourishment (which is a given in any so-called fad plan), supporting global commercial diet manufacturers promising you the world will make you who you aspire to be.  But, you already know this.  As intelligent human beings with access to information at our finger tips we sadly STILL buy into misinformation and nonsensical concepts when it comes to health, weight loss and fitness.


You have my vote, should body changing and weight loss be necessary for health reasons, to embark upon a well advised program with realistic parameters and goals.  The weight loss then becomes, not the core objective, but a bi-product of the overall wellness motivation.  The advantage is then that fundamental changes occur in lifestyle habits and mindset for health indicators to be obviously apparent in black and white ... think reduction in blood pressure, sugar & cholesterol levels, elimination of diabetes even.   No one individual aims to fail in any given endeavour but whilst initial positivity can be inspiring, the real work continues for not weeks but months and years.  A fad diet is categorised as a short period of time abstaining from food groups, heading in unrealistic, un-maintainable, trend driven diet and fitness related directions with unsupported evidence and/or results.  The bottom line is that the marketeers aim to line pockets, not, as they would like us believe, serve the wellbeing of individual’s mental and physical states.


Let’s consider and dismiss the options out there .... Keto, Paleo, Atkins, Dukan, Intermittent Fasting, Blood Type .... the list is actually endless but what they all have in common are ‘restrictions’ and with restrictions you are in danger of encountering hunger and cravings.  Dr. Anthony William, author of the Medical Medium series explains, when talking about hybrid diets, “that even the most committed people will eventually break and binge to meet their sugar needs”.   Processed and refined foods are out of bounds EVEN if the packaging tells you otherwise and are sold on the basis of supporting a healthy diet with such tag lines as no-added sugar, low fat, zero carbs.  This is where the mission to educate ourselves evolves away from convenience so as to remove packaged, processed, fast from your dictionary and head towards intentional living where home cooked, fresh, vibrant, wholesome, nourishing is the language you speak.  Anthony William continues to say “As each decade goes by, more and more mistakes get forgotten.  No matter the food mythologies that come and go, healing foods always have been and always will be fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices”. With failure comes growth so, it is comforting to understand that the ultimate, future success plan relies on embracing all healthy food groups including carbohydrates, natural sugars, ethical protein and fat sources as well as consuming more than an average 1 litre of water a day.    


Again, we see that the answer is uncomplicated and lies within you ... it is your intentional motivation to firstly accept and then change.  It may be a slow process with incremental results but think how liberating it is to reduce or even eliminate prescribed medication for ailments and maintain weight balance.  A healthy mix of nourishment with exercise is your way to manage the basis of economies of scale - what you put in, you get out.  One cannot change a genetic body shape but an awareness, understanding and focus of what is happening internally in the body’s absorption of nutrients will result in true goals being met.  Acknowledgement is the milestone.  The unpressurised management and renewed respect you are giving your health assures temptation to fail is out of the equation because cravings are eliminated.   Everything is beyond a 2 week transformation because the goals are yours, not someone else’s.  Empowerment gives you what you always craved for, without abstinence, but peace of mind.  Where others fail, you WILL succeed.

Teabird’s unique range of herbal teas are blended with a focus on supporting healthy lifestyles. The combination of organic herbs work from the inside out to rebalance and detoxify gut health, blood and internal organs as well as stabilise sugar levels.  Specifically the Green Tea blend, with it’s powerful antioxidants that are believed to increase metabolism and assist in the burning of body fat, is recommended to support a sustainable diet plan.

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