The Purpose Effect X Tea Bird Tea Sustainable Partnerships

The Purpose Effect X Tea Bird Tea Sustainable Partnerships

Tea Bird Tea: The calming magic that makes you feel special Morning, Noon & Night. A simple cup of tea is never just a simple cup of tea when it comes to Tea Bird Tea. Organically grown, the original loose leaf form is maintained within the teabag to ensure there is as little processing as possible. Even the teabags are different - cornstarch pyramid teabags, sealed via heat pressing means there are no teabag strings, no metal staples, no ink branded paper tags and no toxic glue seeping into your daily brew. So it makes sense that we take the same attitude with our sustainable partnerships and the information we highlight with our customers.

The Purpose Effect X Tea Bird Tea Introducing a new sustainable partnership focusing on how we can integrate and share important content to help you become part of some key conversations we know has an effect on your everyday lives. Reuse, Refill, Repurpose is the ethos we try to incorporate into our supply chain and end products on a daily basis. Supporting education for refugees has been a key purpose for us since we launched in 2015 and now the natural progression working with social enterprise Fugeelah to create products was the organic development of one sustainable partnership into another. This is our purpose - whats yours?

Tea Bird Tea X The Purpose Effect

Why did we want to get involved? Tea Bird Tea is passionate about change and sustainable business and how our entire supply chain management should be creating positive impacts and change for our customers, our pureness of product and the people involved in the business process are all essential to the end product we produce. Ensuring we are doing the right thing from start to finish ensures you can sip our tea with confidence while creating daily positive impact action by action. We love how Elena is asking questions with purpose, creating a positive platform for businesses to promote their purpose and is actively opening important discusses everyday. Join her podcast listeners and be part of the conversation with your friends and colleagues.

An Important Message What would the world look like if all businesses were founded on 'Purpose' and built for 'Good'? In The Purpose Effect, host Elena Kersey talks to women building social and environmental impact businesses about the problems they are solving and the lessons they've learned along the way. If you believe in the power of business to solve the world's biggest problems; then this is the podcast for you.

A New Season This season, in a special partnership with Tea Bird Tea, you'll be hearing from changemakers tackling issues like climate change, the funding gap, impact PR and building sustainable communities. You'll also hear from our founder Ashleigh Cotterill and how she creates impact through Tea Bird's partnerships.

Our Values and the importance of running a sustainable business Tea Bird Tea runs a sustainable business by supporting social enterprise Fugeelah as part of its ongoing business structure. Tea Bird is on top of its game when it comes to reusable packaging and business practises. All its tea tins are reusable and customers can easily purchase refills in-store & online. In addition Tea Bird Tea’s gifting range also offers solutions which can be reused in a second capacity, whether its a teacase turning into a cosmetics case or a tea tin which can be repurposed as a pencil case we take our Repurpose, Reuse, Refill values seriously & deliver them with flair and style.

Tea Bird Tea Proudly Sponsoring The Purpose Effect Season 6 - Listeners with purpose can use our promo code HUGINAMUG20 for a 20% discount on their whole order with no minimum spend. We will share the weekly episodes on our Purpose Effect webpage, via our email database and you can also listen via The Purpose Effect Spotify site, so we purposely have you covered! So far over RM66,000 has been given by the brand to support Fugeelah efforts Tea Bird Tea is currently available in-store at Four Seasons Atlas Gourmet Market, Cold Storage, Mercato, Mercato, The Olive Tree, Prince Court Medical Centre.

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Tea Bird Tea is in active distributor discussions in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan & China

Tea Bird Tea is attending the Speciality Fine Food Fair in London September 2023

Tea Bird Tea and its teaware products are also available online

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Tea Bird Tea attending the Speciality Fine Food Fair London 11th - 12th September 2023

Tea Bird Tea attending the Speciality Fine Food Fair London 11th - 12th September 2023

Tea Bird Tea Available in Tokyo Japan

Tea Bird Tea Launches at the British Fair in Tokyo!

Sasibai Kimis

The Purpose Effect X Tea Bird Tea Podcast series - Episode 3: Sasibai Kimis, founder of Earth Heir


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