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Author: Eillen Unwin 

Author: Datin Eileen Unwin“Intention is more than wishful thinking; it’s wilful direction”

Let’s begin on a positive note, both literally and metaphorically speaking. A word that rolls off the tongue so easily yet a word that is hard for many to action, manifest and engage in, most especially, during these trying Covid-19 times.

31 Most Beautiful Lakes in the World
Think of positivity as an abundant lake; one that grows and fills with water and life the more we nurture it.

First of all we require the ability to ‘believe’. With belief we have the power to foresee how beautiful our lake can be ... the wildlife, the flora, the fauna, the clarity and purity of the water. All growing and thriving despite unpredictable storms and unprecedented environmental changes.

Actually, these perceived negative impacts prove only to enhance the growth aspect but for this to occur, we have to learn through and respect the experience. Liken then this concept to your mind, and understand that the exact same benefits can fuel it with everything it requires both emotionally, physically and mentally.

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The power of positivity starts with a mindset, a foresight, a vision for what can be. It may lie in our imagination but it is only then that we have the internal capability to manifest our desires in order to ultimately decide whether we will feel satisfied and happy in life, or not. A tunnel may lack light but with imagination it can be anything and everything we ever dream of, encouraging us to let go of the darkness and fill our own lake of happiness.

Simple? Well, maybe not when we are subjected to economic and social pressures that seem out of our control leading to worry, stress and often health impacting diseases. The demands and harsh reality of everyday life, the pandemic we find ourselves experiencing have the ability to take away the beauty of what lies before us and more importantly, within us. If only worries of health, finances, materialism and survival were out of the equation. What then? Or might these external influences actually encourage us to see them as a bi-product of having the freedom to lead the life we dream of by simply being positive? According to Danielle Casioppo, MS, Education Specialist at Being Well at Yale,

“thinking positively is about being an adaptable thinker with an optimistic outlook. A positive thinker has a growth mindset that is capable of seeing obstacles as opportunities and has hope for a good outcome”.

Practice the Power of Positive Thinking

More often than not we need mentoring on positivity from a young age. If our parentage was one of optimism then we stand more chance of being rewarded ourselves with the knowledge required to live a life of mental freedom. If not, then our journey begins when we ‘choose’ to gather the tools, ideas and mental supplies to transform a swamp of emotions into an abundant, beautiful lake. The question you may have is ‘how does one start the journey?’ And more importantly, ‘how does one look beyond the darkness to find a sense of light?’

Let’s start with positive emotional wellbeing as the primary goal; a basis of existence we naturally all crave. Gaining the power of positivity in our day-to-day lives initially requires accepting an element of change and establishing a mindful routine. Incorporating bite sized nuggets of personal happiness into your day, moments of peace, enjoyment and nourishment that give you something to look forward to is the first step. Needless to say, the focus of consideration is “you” and what makes “you” happy. An early morning cup of tea, enjoyed quietly, whilst contemplating the day ahead, listening to the birds and being thankful for one small element of life can encourage a positive mindset. Likewise, a yoga class or an invigorating jog around the park, even communication with a loved may be more your positive daily direction. Once, the ball starts rolling there is nothing that can prevent a gathering of momentum and ultimately optimism, as the days move into weeks, months and culminating in years of personal growth and awareness. These small, consistent daily tokens of gratification result in an overall sense of contentment that life is worth living and before long the sun is forever present, overlooking you and your blossoming lake.

Mental health and wellbeing go hand in hand. They adapt to, not the downfalls or the harshness of reality, but the beauty that can be seen despite the darkness of trying times. Positivity is an underestimated gift, one that needs to be shared so as to communicate it’s power effectively and efficiently with purpose, intention and love.

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How are you filling your lake at the moment? Exercising, new year diets, saving for future goals - feel free to share your thoughts and comments below!

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Ashleigh Cotterill

Lots of people talking to me about not feeling so positive at the moment so love quick happy reads like this reminding me it’s all in your control to manage how you feel everyday and what you are putting out there! Great article👌