Battling Inflammation with Alkalizing Turmeric Tea Bird Tea

Battling Inflammation with Alkalizing Turmeric Tea Bird Tea

Alkalazing Turmeric

Ingredients: organic turmeric root, organic ginger root, organic liquorice root, organic celery seeds, nettle leaf, organic lemon myrtle, organic holy basil and organic ground pepper.
Tastes spicy, sweet and lemony.

What is organic food and why is eating organic better for you?

Organic food is food produced by methods that comply with the standards of organic farming.

To put simply, it means that organic vegetables and fruits are farmed without the use of chemicals or pesticides or farming that does not rely on imported fertility. Organic farming has the features of resource cycling, promoting ecological balance and the conservation of biodiversity.

Here in Tea Bird, we support that. We made it a point to have everything organic or none at all.

One of our 6 best-selling tea is the Alkalizing Turmeric tea by Tea Bird.

This tea is blended by our Australian blender using specific ingredients, each one used to achieve its purpose. We found that a common medical problem faced by everyone is inflammation.

Why do we experience inflammation?

When our body is overworked or when it is injured, inflammation is the body’s attempt at self-protection to remove harmful stimuli and to begin its healing process. It is a part of the body’s immune response. Without this response, infections, wounds and any damage to tissue would not be able to heal. For example, when your knee receives a blow and tissues need care and protection.

Chronic inflammation however, can often lead to diseases and conditions including cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.

Here are some indications of acute inflammation: Be warned that this only apply to inflammation of the skin. If inflammation occurs inside of the body, only some of these symptoms will be noticeable.

PRISH – pain, redness, immobility, swelling and heat. The inflamed area will likely be painful. Chemicals that stimulate nerve endings are released making the area more sensitive. As the area will be filled with more blood than usual, it will appear redder and warm to the touch and swelling will soon follow because of the build-up of fluids.

Chronic inflammation can present itself in different ways. These can include fatigue, mouth sores, chest pains, abdominal pains, fever, rash and joint pains.    


A breakdown on Alkalizing Turmeric Tea Bird Tea: 

Turmeric root

Contains active ingredient curcumin a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

Ginger root

has anti-inflammatory properties, helpful for nausea and indigestion

Liquor ice root 

anti-inflammatory soothes cough and congestion

Celery seeds 


Nettle leaves

contains anti-inflammatory properties, a powerful blood purifier

Lemon myrtle  

contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties, also adds lemony profile to the blend


known as the ‘elixir of life’, it is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

Ground pepper

supports the body in taking up curcumin into the system


This tea is specially designed to control inflammation of the body and therefore is suitable to take when you are having flu, sore throat, fever etc.

How to drink it:  

1 teaspoon per cup. Brew with boiling water 5-10 minutes. Enjoy without milk, honey and lemon juice optional.  

 Caffeine level:  Caffeine free



Alkazing Turmeric Tea Bird Tea



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