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Tea Bird Tea X Fugeelah Sustainable Partnerships

Following our success at Art Rocks Us in January 2023 we have collaborated with Fugeelah to create a new delectable tea ware and health accessory range.

Fugeelah is a mission driven social enterprise created for children and youth seeking refuge in Malaysia. Founded by Deborah Henry in 2017 - with a humble starting grant 5000 USD from UNHCR & Rotary Malaysia - our primary purpose is to contribute towards the sustainable running of Fugee School, a not-for-profit organisation that provides free education and community support to those in transit. Fugeelah is a women-led conscious jewellery brand that educates, employs and empowers refugee children and youth. We are deeply devoted to quality, and dedicate ourselves to thoughtful sourcing, fair wages, and give-back initiatives that truly have an impact.