Tea Bird Tea Feel Light as a Feather

Tea Bird Tea Feel Light as a Feather

So it's warming up in Malaysia, and cooling down in Australia. In London, apparently, as I write, the sun is blazing. I would like to think that for all those people wandering through their routines slightly blinkered, perhaps slowly, there are four or five with a real spring in their step. We sincerely hope that for sure, those drinking our loose leaf organic teas feel sprightlier than their counterparts, even light as a feather.

Alkalising Tea Bird makes you feel light as a feather

So where did the concept of feathers come from? The bird with the golden feathers was an idea that was born from the first painting I did in Australia. Not only did it inspire the name of the tea, and the branding, but I love the idea that feathers enable flight, weightlessness, freedom, and an overarching sense of positive power. Golden feathers add not only a sheen to this concept, but also a sense of royalty, exclusivity and timelessness. And who doesn't love gold?

I also remember an old Indian myth about a family, whose father, once he has died, is reincarnated as a golden swan. The swan visits the family regularly, each time leaving a valuable golden feather for the children and the mother, to sell at market. Over time, they not only have adequate money to support themselves, but have put some savings aside. However, as greed takes over the mother, she grabs the bird, stripping it of its golden feathers. Her daughters nurse it back to health, but its feathers are never again to be golden, and it never returns. I like the idea that we need to be appreciative and take care of what we have, not be greedy, and most of all take care of our health.

The girl with the golden feather

Of course Tea Bird loose leaf tea, as we know, without any added sugar, and totally organic, helps relieve aches and pains. It is also slimming. So it figures that we feel lighter when we drink it, perhaps even as light as a feather. I love this notion.

Tea Bird Tea was born from a desire to help people make better health choices, become more socially conscious as they purchase and take some responsibility for what they put into their bodies. How much time you do give to your health choices on a daily basis? The answer is probably 'not enough.' There's never really enough time to stop and delve into the ingredients list each time we buy something, and that's ok. That's why at Tea Bird we try to encourage people to build healthy habits around their tea drinking. Habits that will keep you going even when you don't have time to stop and think. Morning, noon and night, targeting different health benefits, enabling you to choose your target area and let the tea do the work.

Last night I ate what I thought was a high quality prepared meal from a highly regarded supermarket. It was delicious. And yet, from my restless night, headaches and dry mouth, I realised that it must have far more salt in it than I had envisaged or imagined. When I looked more closely at the ingredients I realised that both the salt and sugar content was more than double what I had expected of such a brand. So it reminded me of something. 

Why should we blindly trust a brand and why should we not give ourselves the time to always read what we are eating and drinking? Why did I not read the ingredients and know what I was putting in to my own body yesterday? Perhaps I trusted that whoever had made the meal would be thinking of my wellbeing, and would therefore not overload it with additives. Not so. I was so disappointed in the product, that I have written to the supermarket to raise my concerns.

Tea Bird Tea does what it says on the packet, and is jammed with healthy ingredients such as dandelion, hibiscus and liquorice, that bring you benefit, even when you don't have time to stop and think. So next time you grab what you think are elements of a healthy meal, try to stop and think a bit more, and try to read the ingredients. I know I will.

We all deserve to feel light as a feather, and we all deserve to feel empowered and free. If Tea Bird Tea can help you achieve that, in any way, then that can only be a good thing. What else makes you feel empowered? Let us know!

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