Tea Bird Tea Growing our CSR with Fugee School

Asthma Tea Bird Tea packaging design competition winner

Tea Bird Tea is expanding its CSR commitment with Fugee School via their work to create a more sustainable income stream to ensure Fugee keeps growing year on year and enabling students to gain an education.

Fugee School CSR art project

Through coupling our business skills and connections with the Fugee students own artistic abilities we are working towards creating products they can sell successfully to drive regular income.

New initiatives and income opportunities like these are essential for Fugee to keep running and growing.

In addition the opportunity to understand how to create actual products and work with different companies to push these products out there into relevant sales channels offers a whole range of learning opportunities for students.

Beautiful Wild Elephant from Nigeria

On Friday the 21st July Ashleigh Cotterill attended Fugee School to work on some new drawings for the upcoming printed products. The students where eager, had some great ideas and interpretations of what identified them and their homelands. 

We completed a range of drawings in different medians such as pencil, acrylic and coloured pencils. Next stage is to work on pulling all of their ideas together so that we can create a strong identity for them and Fugee School - by combining our efforts we are making change for the students, change for Fugee School and change for the community.

Hard work pays off Tea Bird Tea

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Tea Bird Tea Feel Light as a Feather

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‘Tea Party with Deborah Henry’ @ Bens Publika


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