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Tea bird Tea Daily art sessions targeted at our younger artists

RM25.00 MYR

Daily art sessions targeted at our younger artists where we set daily projects for them to complete from life drawing, painting, poster making and abstract sculpture. 

Some of the projects we will cover are;

  1. Basket painting
  2. Bamboo hat painting 
  3. Puff paint painting faces
  4. Fine art drawing
  5. Still art life drawings
  6. Stamp pattern making
  7. Glitter design
  8. Mosaic design
  9. Paper Mache modelling
  10. Mask painting
  11. Ethnic design studying 
  12. Botanicals
  13. Dinosaur Foot prints
  14. Blind colour paths 
  15. Logo design
  16. Cubism

We look forward sharing our creative and fun activities with you - we are running this as a fun intro to what we do to connect with local community and keep ourselves creative at Tea Bird Tea House. As this is a random intro we are not taking preferred dates for these activities but we will be trying to do something different everyday - a bit like Blue Peter really ;0)

Book as many kids and days as you would like and we will be in touch to confirm your days.

For older art students you are welcome to drop them off and shop while they take part - for 6 and under we would prefer you stay on site and enjoy a cup of Tea Bird Tea.

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