Quality Sleep Package (3-in-1)
Quality Sleep Package (3-in-1)
Quality Sleep Package (3-in-1)
Quality Sleep Package (3-in-1)

Quality Sleep Package (3-in-1)

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You can tell a difference between a quality sleep and bad on. Remember those eye shuts that you took just for 4 hours or so but feel super energized compared to the one you slept on for 10 plus hours on weekends

Collective Health Benefits of Quality Sleep Package

  • ChrysanthemumIs popular traditional medicine used for natural remedy of chest pain that are usually associated with high blood pressure and clots in artery
  • Hibiscus: To strengthen the immune system and promote healthy skin which is the perfect recovery period for them.
  • Lemongrass: To detoxify the body especially your bowels

Blend contains: Lemongrass (Organic lemongrass, organic ginger, organic lemon myrtle, organic rosehip, organic rose 

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