Night Rejuvenation Package (3-in-1)

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Sleep is a vital part of recuperation and rejuvenation by the body. Getting a quality sleep , means a lot to the human body as well as vital organs. This collection helps the body cover quicker during our sleep cycle by increasing cell repair rate. The results are quickly visible especially to the human skin and our digestive track

Collective Health Benefits of Night Rejuvenation Package Tea

  • LemongrassTo detoxify the body especially your bowels
  • Alkalizing PH with TurmericReduce tumultuous acid reflux which disrupts our sleep quality and gives you a smoother bowel during sleep 
  • Hibiscus: To strengthen the immune system and promote healthy skin

Blend contains: Lemongrass (Organic lemongrass, organic ginger, organic lemon myrtle, organic rosehip, organic rose petals)

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