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Liver Detox Organic Tea Bird Tea Refills

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Liver Detox 18 Teabags

Organic Liver Detox Tea Bird Tea 18 Pyramid Teabags 
Ensuring your Liver is operating well will ensure you are flushing out any toxins that are making you sluggish. This means that when it comes to processing new foods your body is willing and able.

Liver Detox -  cleansing your liver will encourage it to purge fats, old cholesterol deposits and other toxic waste. A healthy liver will also ensure that other organs including blood and intestines are cleansed of toxins. We eat a lot of processed foods so purifying the blood helps with general health and well being giving you clearer skin, more energy and feeling lighter day to day.

Serve:   At breakfast. 1 heaped teaspoon per 200ml (cup) or 2 heaped spoons for a pot. Steep for 5-10mins according to taste. There are no tannins in this tea so your can re boil and let sit and drink chilled.Taste:  Rich, robust & full bodied.

Caffeine:  No Caffeine

Ingredients:   Organic ginger root, organic burdock root, organic liquorice root, organic dandelion root, organic nettle leaf


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