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FloWing painting with Priya Lakhani the perfect party

RM120.00 MYR

FloWing painting with Priya Lakhani - Priya is a innovative fashion designer who aspires to create colourful designs and beautiful wearable art from her famous Snugglebags, to her playful Finn&Anny clothing lines.

We present Finn&Anny’s FloWings at Tea Bird Tea House.

FloWings allow your kids to fly using their imagination and her clever FloWings in a jar are the perfect summer party activity or rainy day tool kit for your kids of all ages.

During the FloWings workshop you will;

  1. Explore what it could feel like to fly
  2. Choose your favourite colours
  3. Use your imagination to create your wings
  4. Add special details guided by Priya 
  5. Feel free and creative while emercing yourself in this wonderful experience.
  6. Enjoy a magical tea party (provided for groups of 5 and above add 399MYR, for groups of 10 and above add 499MYR includes iced tea and Surprise Birthday cake in the garden room while girls wait for their wings to dry)

Priya brings you her beautiful FloWings, inviting your kids to explore their imagination and paint their version of what makes them feel like they can fly.

The perfect girls afternoon Birthday Party activity lasts 2hrs and guests receive their own FloWings they have painted as a beautiful memory of the day.

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