Build Your Own Collection Package (3-in-1)

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Want to pick your own choice of tea for the follow offer?

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Detox and Slimming Organic Teas

  1. Firecracker Fatburn Organic Tea Bird Tea - increased metabolic rate and eases sore muscles after exercise 
  2. Slimming Green Organic Tea Bird Tea - Boost antioxidants and slims
  3. Colon Cleanse Organic Tea bird Tea - aids digestion and cleanses colon

Boosting Immunity Organic Teas

  1. Ginger Snap Organic Tea Bird Tea - Boosts Vitamin C, soothes painful throats and stops nausea
  2. Dandelion Organic Tea Bird Tea - purifies blood 🩸 and aids kidney, pancreas and liver function
  3. Vanilla Chai Organic Tea Bird Tea - boosts energy and calms
  4. Vanilla Rooibus Organic Tea Bird Tea - gives energy and boost immunity
  5. Berry Blush Organic Tea Bird Tea - contains super good goji berry packed full of antioxidants
  6. Organic Hibiscus Tea Bird Tea - stops constipation and boosts antioxidants and makes skin glow 

Relaxation Facilitation Organic Teas

  1. Lemon Grass & Ginger Organic Tea Bird Tea - relaxes and aids sleep for an overnight cleanse 
  2. Earl Grey - makes you stay alert and gives energy

During CHECKOUT which 4 teas have you chosen and we would package them for you.👍 We will take care of the rest!