Affiliate Starter Tea retail & beverage bundle 40% Offer

RM2,003.33 MYR  

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Our starter affiliate offer includes both a beverage & retail products package in low volumes so you can introduce the range to your customers. 

In-house beverage range

  1. 6 Bumper packs X 6 flavours - each pack holds 32 teabags
  2. 6 Tall tins X 6 flavours  - each pack holds 18 teabags

Retail range

  1. 8 Travel flasks X 2 designs - 5 designs to choose from
  2. 2 Stacker teapots - rainbow chrome with retail gift box
  3. 4 Teapot 1ltr - rainbow chrome with retail gift box
  4. 8 Teacups - rainbow chrome with retail gift box
  5. 12 Travel tins X 6 flavours - each pack holds 10 teabags

We supply a counter top product stand FOC to display products in your outlet.

We offer a competitive 40% off retail so you can make the most of our affiliate scheme - normal wholesale rates are 20% of 20 units of any pack size.

Affiliate Starter tea retail & beverage bundle RM2003.33

Normal Retail price RM3338.88

Wall art is available for in business features on consultation.

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Term's & Condition's

  1. Retain your ongoing 40% discount by promoting Tea Bird Tea in-store
  2. Maintain the display stand with stock as required
  3. Support seasonal gifting promotions
  4. Promote our reuse-able travel flask beverage options for customers who care for our planet
  5. No delivery without payment proof provided
  6. Shipping is charged online at 15MYR in Malaysia via POS Laju or Grab if KL based.
  7. International customers we will pack & advise final shipping costs prior to shipping.
  8. Returns - we are are proud to have a customer return rate of less than 1%
  9. If a product arrives damaged we will replace it with supporting photos
  10. If stock is damaged in the course of business this is your cost
  11. We will provide 6 X travel tins of your selected blends as testers for customers to taste or smell in-store.
  12. We do not buy back stock
  13. We do not pay your shipping or customs fees
  14. We will offer shipping options for you to confirm depending on volumes shipped