5 Day Teatox

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THE 5 DAY TEA BIRD TEATOX PLAN was created as a follow on solution after the success of our 21 DAY Tea Detox Program we created the 5 day plan to target 3 key areas around the program;

You can choose any 3 flavours for your 3 tin pack!!

  • Build on the success you have achieved during the 21 day program.
  • Maintain the new habits you have created as part of the 21 day program.
  • If you have never tried our products or tried to diet even the 5 Day Teatox Plan will help you to begin to look at how you can better manage your health, eating patterns and give you a sense of achievement that you have begun on a new healthier path.

5 day teatox makes you feel great inside and out - here are a few suggestions!

On THE 5 DAY TEA BIRD TEATOX PLAN, you will see real results quickly. These results 
will be the feedback and motivation you need to continue on with the diet, as you will be able to see your weight loss and detox goals in your sights.

The 5 Day plan contains 3 key products

Organic Firecracker Fatburn  Morning Tea Ensuring your Liver is operating well will ensure you are flushing out any toxins that are making you sluggish. This means that when it comes to processing new foods your body is willing and able.

Organic Berry Blush with Goji Berry Pure and natural. The antioxidants in our berry Blush are believed to increase metabolism and help the body burn fat. 

DRINK: CHILLED IN PLACE OF WATER to increase metabolic rate.

ORGANIC COLON NIGHT CLEANSE TEA BIRD TEA The colon is an essential organ in the body which manages waste through your system while extracting the final essential nutrients. The colon is 6ft long and cleansing helps to relieve constipation, bloating and helps to manage IBS symptoms. 

If tea is out of stock we will switch to a relevant replacement.

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