The Teas in Your Food

The Teas in Your Food

Don’t let your teas go to waste. Every so often we buy quality loose leaf teas, only to drink them for a week and then we forget about them. If not kept properly, they might just get mouldy, which is a waste. Here at Tea Bird Tea we are serious about wasting our resources, that equally goes with our teas too.

Want to get more out of your teas? Here are some recipes that uses loose leaves, so you can eat them when you get bored of drinking them.

Recipe 1: Green Tea Salt

Green Tea Salt


Makes: A jar of Green Tea Salt

Use: Sprinkle on fruits/ appetizers to add depth in flavour


Ingredients:       3 Tablespoons of Green Tea Tea Bird Tea

                          1 Tablespoons of Celtic Salt/ Kosher Salt/ Table Salt



‘Fry’ Green Tea loose leaves over low heat in pan without using any oil. This crisps up and gives bolder flavour to the green teas. Do this for 15 seconds. Add salt into pan and ‘fry’ for 10 seconds. Wait for condiment to cool down and transfer to a clean container.


Try it on:

  1. Grilled Salmon
  2. Cold watermelom pieces
  3. Over Popcorn


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