Relax & Unwind with Vanilla Rooibos Tea Bird Tea

Relax & Unwind with Vanilla Rooibos Tea Bird Tea

Tea, the most consumed beverages in the world, second only to water.

Vanilla Rooiboos

Vanilla Rooibos Tea Bird Tea


Even though not technically teas, tisane teas are herbal teas which formed a major part of the tea world. It is the infusion or decoction made from a plant other than Camellia sinensis--the plant true teas (green tea, black tea, oolong, etc.) are made from. They are caffeine free and can be served hot or cold.
One of my absolute favourites from the Tea Bird Tea range is the Vanilla Rooibos Tea Bird Tea. Besides it’s uplifting fruity scent, what left a first good impression on me is also its sweet earthy taste despite it being sugar-free.

Predominantly consisting of a mixture of Green and Red Rooibos, this Australian brand tea is also blended with Rose petals, Jasmine Flowers, Pear and Vanilla Bean pieces making it the perfect tisane tea to enjoy whenever you need to destress.

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For those who want to enjoy it before bed, not to worry as it is caffeine-free. In fact, because of the rose petals in the tea, which is a natural stress buster, drinking this would mellow down your stress levels after a long day’s work. It’s anti depressant and tranquilizing properties makes it the perfect drink before sleep.

Besides it’s heavenly taste, this tea has other benefits that will shock you:

Rose Petals more commonly known for its decorative value actually contains medicinal benefits when consumed. Packed with Vitamin C, malic acid, pectin, and citric acid, rose petals makes an admirably safe diuretic, which makes it more tempting to be used, especially if you are on a weight loss journey. Drink twice a day to calm down hunger pangs to help your diet.

It also strengthens your immunity against diseases. Cures sore throat, runny nose and cold. Organic acids in rose petals boosts the body’s digestive powers. Helps in expelling waste. It nourishes gastric mucosa, thus paving way for the growth of good bacteria in your intestine.

Women suffering from heavy periods with intense pain can take the help of this tea. 2 cups of warm tea with honey helps to decongest the blood flow. It also alleviates the heaviness of the flow, while lowering the pain. A good home remedy for infertility and irregular periods.

Another ingredient in the Vanilla Rooibos Tea Bird Tea are jasmine flowers. The name Jasmine originated from the Persian word which means ‘fragrant flower’. Egypt dynasties, Chinese emperors, and kings of Afghanistan, Nepal and Persia were all said to keep jasmine flowers in their royal gardens because of their proven aromatherapy effects.

Don’t throw away used teabags! Leave them in your freezer for 10 minutes then apply them on your eyebags, temple and cheeks. When applied topically, jasmine flowers lessen irritation from sunburns and rashes.

Jasmine is known to be used for liver disease, liver pain due to cirrhosis and abdominal pain due to severe diarrhoea.

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