Reduce, Replace, Restore - 8 MIN READ

Reduce, Replace, Restore - 8 MIN READ

Reduce, Replace, Restore

Author: Datin Eileen Unwin - “Intention is more than wishful thinking; it’s wilful direction”

Author: Datin Eileen Unwin - “Intention is more than wishful thinking; it’s wilful direction”

“Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself” Anon

To constantly be pursuing alternative routes to physical and mental freedom can cause a war within yourself. The battle to be, look, achieve that encourages mental instability is a battle not worth fighting. In Fadder and Fadder we discussed the influence of trend driven diet & fitness plans; the pressure to listen and be influenced by short term goals that warrant little or no sustainable success. To be consistent and tolerant of incremental results whilst consuming an all encompassing variety of foods is the ultimate answer. However, with all the bullying tactics to encourage the elimination and/or over inclusion of food groups, how do we have the confidence to disregard these theories and move forward?

Eat a Rainbow

The dirtiest word of all is sugar and with diabetes on the increase and so prevalent in the world we now live, how much is too much or should we pertain to a zero sugar policy? Sugar levels of 7.00mml/L or above classify a diabetic and in Malaysia alone, it is estimated that 3.9 million adults suffer with this diet related disease (source: survey-1-7-million-malaysians-risk-three-chronic-conditions/) .

Alongside these worrying statistics come obesity, hypertension and other symptom related ailments risking lives even further. However, all sugars are not the same but the main advice from credible sources is to refrain from refined sugar; the theory being that it is processed and stripped of it’s nutrition for the gain of manufacturing convenience and processed foods. Due to it’s high metabolic rate in the human body, glucose and insulin levels spikes resulting in the association and onset of negative health issues. Foods containing these sugars, often disguised under pseudonyms such as dextrose, sucrose, fructose, glucose, lactose are more often found in cookies, cakes, breads, pastas, yoghurts and alcohol. When you are swayed to indulge ... think NO nutritional value, NONE, ZILCH, ZERO ... and reconsider the motive!

Say no to sugar!!

The good news is that all sugar is not equal. The natural variant, found in fruits, vegetables and carbohydrate rich foods can be a misunderstood source of nutrition. There is a war on fruit, a negative spin, a deception that fruit is bad for us. Dr. Anthony William of The Medical Medium reinforces

“that fruit is the most anti-aging food on the planet, critical for keeping our immune systems strong, and therapeutic for our bodies. Do not fall victim to this fruit fear propaganda and disinformation”.

Sugar stack

Its optimal nutritional value is life giving, a natural medicine, an integral healing food and supports our bodies more than any other food group. The sugars released are done so slowly and with efficiency by the blood, supplying nutrients to our life supporting organs, increasing bone health and developing a sympathetic friendship. With such an abundant supply available at our finger tips, the feel good factor of the colours, flavours and varieties have a positive impact on our physical and mental state. As opposed to refined sugars... think OPTIMUM nutritional value, MAXIMUM, UTMOST, SUPERLATIVE .... and make the right choice.

Carbohydrates are another enigma in the world of eating ... should we, shouldn’t we consume them? Disinformation is prevalent here too but rest assured they will sustain health and wellbeing and when eaten correctly beyond processing, are NOT fattening. The elimination of carbohydrates in a high fat diet results in the ebb and flow of emotions as the body reacts by feeling lethargic and transmits messages to the brain to crave high sugar energy giving foods. Complex carbohydrates, from whole food sources, keep you fuller for longer, are easily digestible encouraging optimal gut health and are a naturally supporting mechanism for weight balance. They are not the devil incarnate as mixed media messages would like us to believe and in fact, regulate blood sugar levels benefitting diabetics and those suffering with heart concerns. Confusion prevails when no one source of advice provides the same answer and our internal pendulum starts to swing, moving from one school of thought to another. Our trust is destroyed and hence, the war within ourselves begins. With it, the inability to spirit level our own sense of wellbeing as it takes confidence to restore the gauge of balancing the food groups we consume.

Protein and fat go hand in hand. Reducing them is an integral tool to how clean and efficient blood flow will be within the body. How they combine is an enormous factor in our health and their ethical source is paramount. Marketed, trend driven diets lead us to believe that one core reason to eat a high protein/high fat diet is it’s satiation abilities. However, whilst we are feeling full, are we considering the detrimental effects of fat deposits and the subsequent contribution to illnesses, ailments and symptomatic conditions? For a meat eater and vegan alike, the focus on a high protein and consequently, high fat diet can be detrimental to wellbeing. It is near impossible for the body to balance and heal itself when it is battling with high fat intake as a result of over consumption.

The solution is to reduce, replace and restore.

‘Reduce’ animal fat sources.

‘Replace’ with fruits, leafy greens and complex carbohydrates.

‘Restore’ our faith in foods to restore faith in our bodies and minds.


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